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Houston you are good to go .. We think …

So today we woke to call travel assistance n see of we can get service in Houston on a saturday for our black water issue.

Without going into the whole conversations here is some snap shots .. Well we were waiting to hear from you before we made any calls / I have been calling since 6am Arizona time n haven’t been able to get hold of anyone .. Um so which one is it!

Or .. So ma’am I am calling to get some location n vehicle details to see if we can help you .. You kiddin me right

Or so you’re still in Houston ma’am? Mm no we called last night said we would be on Houston woke up n went hah screw this lets go to new Orleans they’ll figure it out … OMFG !!!!

So after the useless woman this morning the seemingly useless guy who actually turned out to be very useful – who would have thunk it! At about 11am he finally found someone open to take a look at the issue unfortunately they were on the north west we were south east .. Anyway we got there they looked fiddled whatever n reckon it’s sorted but we time will tell

So then back on the beltway (ring road) and yep traffic jam .. I swear I reckon this one part of ramp turnpike n piece of freeway had more cars then the whole of newy altogether it’s crazy there must be a whole population of people that just drive freeways to keep them full n jammed … Did u know that Houston is like the fourth largest city nationally yep we were surprised too but not after seeing the traffic it’s horrendous.

We eventually arrived at Lyndon Johnston space centre Houston at about 3pm several hours later then we had wanted to obviously but thankfully it was open until 7pm .. N we would end up needing all that time. The centre is really cool but with time being an issue we could only do one team tour so we saw the astronaut training centre n not mission control 🙁

We scrambled around as much as we could as quickly as we could which was a shame you could easily spend half to a full day there.

With the doors almost closing on us we hit the road looking to keep truckin for as long as we could n get as close to new Orleans as we could tonight.

We crossed the Louisiana border tonight n stopped in Lafayette not too bad considering some of the traffic n hair raising road works at night. Man getting those turnpikes during the day is fun enough at night it’s a whole different ball game. Seriously we hav to google some of them cause we were as high as a skyscraper on some n then one of the bridges east of sulphur ( yep an actual town name) was taller then the hotel which was several stories high .. It’s totally crazy. If that’s not crazy enough a Walmart story…camping in the Walmart carparks well almost overnight so not really camping but yes quite a few of the walmarts allow overnight parking n we passed one just to the west of where we are tonight n there we probably at least a dozen rigs or more all lined up in there little carparks for the night – think we might have to try this 🙂

Mileage: 284 miles (approx 456km)
Steps: 8741


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