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Who dunnit!

I think those 900 plus miles had caught up with me a very slow start to the day! Our campground is well interesting we managed to get the last site so that was lucky. It was more like a permanent trailer park though not quite like the trailer park you are imagining right now .. Not that we haven’t seen heaps n heaps of these. There was even a state trooper car parked next to one of the rigs we had to double check that it had plates to see if it was real or not .. Yep it was not sure if that says how crap they are paid, how transient there troopers are or need to be or just a decision they made

The bathrooms were in need of a make over, I can handle a bird bath even not bathing for a few days of we are away all good not too much of a princess here but these .. Well thank g-d for our shower thongs is all I can say! You really don’t realize how much the non smoking laws at home change things the smell in the bathrooms from people smoking was awful, like really would it kill u to finish the smoke before you pi##!

So anyhow back to our day .. We headed into fort worth to checkout the stockyards n old cowboy area. A little disappointing bit I guess it is off peak n not the weekend, they only do the droving of the cattle first n last thing so we had missed the morning one n didn’t want to hang around all arvo, not to worry not like I haven’t seen that before hit not with big arse truck size Texas longhorns!!! Man are these beasts huggge! They are the size of a small car n they look mean their faces kinda just scowl at you even when u aren’t looking at ’em!

After wandering the old streets the smell of BBQ meat was just too much n tashs choice was the hamburgers I wanted the all you can eat ribs oh yeah !!!! Humph nother time:-( but the burgers were pretty nice n the added punch of pepperjack cheese on mine was not bad .. Jalapinos n chilli squished into the cheese 🙂

From fort worth we headed a few miles east to the big city of dallas. Man we thought LA liked their interstates .. Guess like they say everything is big in Texas n they are right! These overpasses n turnpikes are ginormous n sooooo confusing. We managed to find our way to the book depository n the sixth floor museum to learn about JFKs assassination, his life, legacy n death and of course who did it n why

The museum is immensely interesting with video n photo account in an almost second by second recount n then the ensuing chaos n outpouring of emotions that followed not only in the US but across the globe. I thought it did a great job of trying to simply and concisely discuss all the different investigations n conspiracy theories and that still today most Americans do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or that the while truth has been fully told/found out .. Given that it’s been 49 years a fairly compelling (an consistent) poll result!

We walked in the grassy knoll, checked out the crosses on the road marking out the fatal two shots, looked at the scene from Dealey Plaza n of course from that sixth floor window (well next to it anyway that particular window is preserved as part of the museum exhibits)

With peak hour traffic upon us we headed south to our campground for that well needed early night.

Mileage: 70 miles (approx 112km)
Steps: 7695


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