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Houston we have a problem!

Today we headed further south to Houston. The landscape has greened the oil rigs surprisingly hav decreased such a bummer we really wanted to see one of those ‘big dog’ rigs 🙂

So it seems that the black water problem we should hav had fixed in Vegas had not been fixed. We hav with our limited RV auto-mechanic skills attempted to fix what we think is the issue – the slide thru value is not getting all the way across the pipe .. So with a depot in Houston we stopped to talk with the agent however there is little that they can do! So it’s back on the phone with my now really freakin happy jan voice on. They hav said they will organize a service for is tomorrow however given its Saturday we aren’t holding our breathe!

With these problems n some of the issues finding parking in the cities n the parks being seemingly so far out of the cities we r seriously considering seeing what they will say if we say we want to hand it back .. There are positives n negatives for both the RV vs car n hotel just right now this option is really sh@tting me 🙁

The park tonight again is more permanents then a tourist park which rig wise is interesting to see all the different sorts n shapes n sizes! There are almost more animals in these rigs then humans! Oh today at the rest park where we had lunch we saw a cat being walked freakin hilarious

We look out into a lake thing with lots of ducks which is quite peaceful but it really is in butt f#&k of nowhere which is kinda annoying

So tomorrow we wait to see what the phone call brings hopefully we will get to see space center Houston otherwise I will NOT be a happy camper literally!

Mileage: 270 miles
Steps: 2379


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