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Tri state truckin

We left our little Kansas campground n drive in n around Salina what I guess we imagine is a quintessential kansas town, cute little wooden homes with the little stoop peaked roofs with the deciduous trees starting to come into leaves

From Salina it was south on the I35 until we reached the very long bridges of Wichita where we exited n did another little drive of the city, for which I think there is possibly more churches then other shops or at least that’s how it appeared 🙂

From Wichita it was back to the I35 thru to Oklahoma City – OKC – where we would stop at the national memorial n museum for the bombing. A very moving, tragic n positive memorial not only to those that died but those that survived n the people both uniformed n not that came to the rescue of so many people that day n for the next dew months do that all bodies were eventually accounted for – 168 in total. The memorial is super interesting. The beginning is a tape recording of a water hearing that had just got underway before the bomb exploded with the noise n chaos of the bomb going off n the after mark all being captured – an little surreal n confronting.

After spending quite a while in the museum it was time to enter drive time traffic in the turnpikes, ramps n interstates of OKC. Leaving some of the traffic behind we reached the Texas border.

By now we had traversed 3/4of north to south of Kansas, the entire north south of Oklahoma n the start of the north of Texas .. Phew what a day.

The traffic was pretty consistent all the way excluding peak hour in OKC of course n probably 85% was trucks. I guess it isn’t called mid continental for no reason 🙂

Otherwise the day was pretty much yellow n white lines on the pavement with a lovely red Texas sunset thrown in at the border n a lovely blocked exit as we entered fort worth meaning we dipped off the interstate told the gos to ignore expressways so she didn’t take is back to the same place but then we promptly forget we had told her that piece of directional information so needless to say we saw way too many backstreets of fort worth then we needed to at 10pm we finally arrived safe n sound with a warm shower calling n our not so comfy bed so that we are rested to check out what fort worth n Dallas hav to show us

Mileage: 485 miles (approx 780km)
Steps: 4208 .. Thanks to the memorial n museum today!


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