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Ski cities

We leave our campsite near the Colorado river bound for Denver -the mile high city with the rockies as its backdrop. We had planned on touring the fancy nancy ski resorts on our way there, however with winter still in force in these parts Independence Pass south of Aspen remains closed – it is the second highest paved pass in Colorado at an elevation of 12,095ft n sits on the continental divide .. major bummer except for the tight switchbacks that the drive would have required. So with the 3 hr return drive to aspen not really an option we opted to continue along the interstate n check out steamboat springs, Vail and of Breckenridge resorts.

Steamboat springs was much bigger then i expected and seemed bigger n ‘nicer’ them Vail and was extremely busy with a few slopes n chairs still in operation! Probably more snow still left here then we could ever hope for!

After crossing through Steam n Vail it was onto Breckenridge, where we caught the gondola up to the next section, yep not to the top that was still several ski lifts away at a lofty height of about 11,500ft! Other then the blue sky n warmth you wouldn’t hav known that spring had sprung here, it was Sunday lunchtime n the place was swinging with people, bands n hordes of people in ski gear creating what appeared to organised chaos of take gear off put gear on get off chair lift get on chair lift, snow boarders doing aerial tricks on the specially groomed area just to the left of the ‘party’ area for people to check out .. pretty funky but not somewhere i would want to learn to ski .. way too steep hectic n a little bit scary! N there is no way i would ever remember where i left my ski’s!

After our fill of snow it was back down to ground level, still several thousand feet above sea level, i think we hav pretty much spent the past week at at last 5500ft or above, it better bloody help our fitness all this altitude training!

As hectic as it was we opted for an American tradition of Wendys for lunch 🙂 .. i would would eat there again unlike our Dennys experience last trip which even if i was dying i would seriously consider refusing!

From Breck we started the cruise into Denver n the chaos tht ensured. Bloody turn pikes, and points of interest signs! We saw dinosaurs n took the exit we found buffalo bills grave no dinosaurs so that kinda tells u the arvo we had, after semi circling the city via red rock amphitheater we eventually ended up at our campsite in Cherry Creek State Park, a lovely park on the city edge, but i was no mood for anything else after a chaotic afternoon of driving so we pretty much chilled out for the night, i even managed to shower with my 2 x 50cents 3 minute shower!

Mileage: 239 miles (approx 385km)
Steps: 4084 (approx 2.97km)


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