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Rocky Mountain high

We woke n decided to ditch the city for the mountains, and it seems lucky we did, a big wind storm came through whipping up dust, knocking down power lines n creating havoc, there was also a big wildfire out of the city and the smoke was being blown in thick plumes over the city so not too pleasant, the small amount we had to drive through at the end of the day when things had died off was crazy enough .. wind gusts of up to 30miles/hour !!!!

Boulder n the Rockies on the other hand, the sun was out the sky was blue, the breeze was out but not too much until we were pretty much ready to leave so that was great

We spent the day drivng n walking in the rockies .. Rocky mountain national park that is, a mountain chain that runs from Mexico to Alaska 2,700 miles the worlds longest mountain barrier. Unfortunately a lot of the park is still closed due to winter n wont reopen until mid may which is a bummer, but we still got to walk to a few frozen lakes, get some good mountain views and we even saw some good sized antlered elk – cool!

One of the walks was again on a very snow laden trail .. we really should have packed those walking sticks shouldn’t we Tash!!!!! With that issue aside we slowly bit surely made our way along the half mile trail .. at an elevation of just under 10,000ft in show which is kinda like walking in soft sand (only cold n wet) that half mile felt like it was alot lot further!!

After spending the day in the park it was back to boulder for fuel n food. We hit the Safeway, a massive grocery store, which given it was dinner time n were hungry wasn’t a good idea to start with and as usual it took us much longer then it should hav to shop bit we luv walking the aisles and checking out all the different foods .. sara lea makes bread, Starbucks makes ice cream, milo has an energy drink but no milo much to tashs dismay! Seriously we hav so much fun in these places its not funny we did the same thing in NZ .. classic i hate grocery shopping at home but away im there n the worst.

So with a few extras .. read fried chicken, potato salad, snicker-doodles (i know how cool do they sound!!) carrot cake, n some tortellini pasta for dinner .. u get the picture but hey we hav two big driving days ahead of us n the gourmet sangas arent cutting the mustard for us 3 weeks in a row!!! With the normals n the extras we finally made it to the checkouts knowing that the club specials werent going to apply as we were obviously not members, but again those so called arrogant rude americans came to the rescue, the gentleman in line behind us realised we weren’t members punched in his number n bingo $20 bucks savings thanks very much Mr … this happened in morro bay at the albertsons except the checkout lady swiped her card for us .. no rude arrogant yanks on our trip nor on the previous one just helpful n pleasant !!!

We made it back to cherry creek in one piece although the dust storm n crazy whirly wind that greeted us on the exit ramp about 5 mile before was not so pleasant. The city was coated in smoke n you could see the red in the moonlight n smell it like it was just down the road not about 100 mile away.

Mileage: 208 miles (approx 334km)
Steps: 11,829 (8.63km)


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