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Colorado Bends

We left our little RV park tucked away next to the lovely hot springs and headed up and into the mountains bound for somewhere north.

we hit the mountain bends and curves pretty much straight away and they kept going for about 50 miles. we climbed, we went around bends, S bends, through avalanche areas, snow slip areas and then we finally reached the lofty heights of Red Mountain Pass elevation 11,018ft and Molas Pass in the San Juan Mountains at an elevation of 10,910ft both on the Million Dollar Hwy US550, so named for the valuabe metals in the pavement .. discarded gravel from nearby gold m silver mines .. doh!!!!

It was of course then time to go down and do it in reverse, snow slip, avalanche, s bends, u bends, and then up we went again. finally we descended into the quaint little town of Silverton, where the Durango to Silverton Steam Train would normally, but with the tracks under a few foot of snow we figured this was probably a pretty good reason as to why they weren’t running that trip just yet!

The snow that is still around is just amazing, some of the lakes are still fully frozen, one little village still had the chair lift for the ‘play’ area open, snowmobiles were everywhere, a lot of cross country skiers also making the most of the lovely Saturday weather.

From silverton we climbed and descended some more until we reached Ouray another quaint little alpine village where we pulled up to check out the ‘famous’ box canyon falls .. we hadn’t heard of them but clearly we should have so of course in we went and boy were they worth it !!!

the crystallised waterfalls as we headed towards the canyon were mind blowing. so cool literally that the water as it starts to descend over the canyon as the snow melts, freezes and creates pillar and column like stalactites in caves, except these mothers are massive !!! from the frozen water we headed down a still very snowy path trying out best to look like we had snow feet and failing dismally, slip sliding our way down and then finding our feet a foot below the surface 🙂

it was then into the cave, it was the pounding thunder of the water that you heard first then in the dimmest of lights in a reasonably small crack there was the water pounding through and into the amazingly shallow pond considering how much water was coming through and then rushing through the canyon out into the river .. well worth the slip sliding around i’d say.

we pulled into town and chowed down our RV standard sandwich and then it was back on the road, through Montrose – an absolute gold mine if shopping was what you were craving :-). then we joined the lovely two lane divided highway and starting aiming the rig for somewhere around Grand Junction. we slipped east before Grand after making some pretty good time at 75 miles an hour 🙂 and moved on through to Glenwood Springs, putting that little bit closer to Denver for tomorrow.

cant say i am normally one to talk about toilet humor, but classic today, stopping at the local park in Ouray for our gourmet lunch we headed to the loo’s to find a tiny very low sitting toilet bowl and wait for it, a shower curtain for a door. omg how much did we laugh !!!

our campsite tonight is along the Colorado river, however we did opt for non river frontage as the temp is predicted to be about 5 deg tonight so we wanted to take advantage of the warmth and not have the cool breeze from the river detract from that 🙂 .. they also didnt have water connection so that kinda made the decision easier, but pretty cool to be right on the Colorado, and the train line 🙂

Mileage: 247 miles (approx 397km)

Steps: 7,289 (approx 5.32km)


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