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Standing the test of time

After a little sleep in after a late night sorting photos, we got under way n headed just up the road to Mesa Verde NP, the site of more then 4,500 archeological sites, 600 of which are cliff dwellings from the Anasazi peoples dating back about 1,400 years ago!

Some of the park is still closed for winter, however we managed to spend the best part of the day there exploring the amazing dwellings n villages that have been found, dug out n preserved so painstakingly

The dwellings are built on cliff edges that you wonder how they even got to the ledges in the first place let alone build something that still stands today .. totally amazing

There are many sites across the park where digs hav revealed more n more of these peoples culture n way of life, some of the, having being revived two or three times over, n each time they return their building skills hav improved n the structures are bigger stronger n more complex. Some of the structures hav been dated using the trees found in the dwellings .. still gets me that we can tell time by rings on a tree!

The weather was glorious, the sun came out the wind died off n we even ventured to shorts n t shirt .. but just to keep us in check every time we turned around there would be snow, just keeping us mindful of who really is in charge here!

From the park it was onto Durango for the night, which proved a little interesting as there are multiple parks in the area but only 1 that is open all year round! Lucky for us there was room n even better across the road the largest n only naturally fed hot mineral springs in the area, n for being in the park  a 50% discount for both of us … sweeeet!

So needless to say we headed to the warm water with the temp slipping down to single figures quickly n we slipped into the warm pool a balmy 105 F (approx 40deg) n then braved the hottest pool for a couple of minutes – a very warm 110 (about 45deg) .. as the locals said kinda feels like your skin is being skimmed off .. but it does feel good!

Not to much else to say cause it doesn’t get much better then that 🙂

Seems my phone has shat itself n wont find a signal so use FB for messages or tashs phone :-/

Oh n a big happy birthday to my big bro for yesterday with no phone n he has no FB didnt quite get that message to him xxx

Day stats
Mileage: 105 miles (approx 169km)
Steps: 12,513 (approx 9.13km)

Week 3 stats
Weekly mileage: 1,122 (approx 1,804km), approx 160 miles per day
Weekly steps: 79,849 (approx 58km), approx 11,407 steps per day

Total trip
Mileage: 2,312 miles, an avg of 110 miles per day
Steps: 229,818 steps, an avg of 10,944 steps per day


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