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Navajo country

After a very very chilly evening down around -6 we believe, suzi didnt freeze over nor did we somewhat i imagine thanks to our new little blanket bit also possibly to the several layers of clothing that we were wearing 🙂 .. thank goodness we brought alone the thermals!

So we were laughing last nite as we climbed into bed like little ,marshmallow people n the sheets felt like they were outside in the snow that there were more gadgets in the bed then people .. what happens to batteries when they get cold they loose power, so wrapped like little babies are the camera batteries, the e-reader, ipod all tucked nicely into the bed with us, phones are under our pillows for both warmth n an alarm .. its quite ridiculous but with no hookups we need to conserve all the battery power we can.

The food in the cupboards was almost colder then the food in fridge .. no need to chill the water here just leave them in their bottles in car n very chilled water you will hav when you awake .. the bad thing is things like the bread also get very chilled just sitting in the cupboard 🙂

After venturing out of our cocoon n into the freshness lf the day, the snow hadn’t fallen but it also hadn’t melted .. even the snow now turned to ice hanging a foot off the picnic table was still clinging to that seat like a divers board. We headed off to the vista points that we were open – several of the roads were blocked by snow to get a good look at the hoodoos in daylight .. they didn’t disappoint.

The view was just as amazing as last night the snow is pure magic, not that bryce isn’t magical without the snow anyway .. the whole reason we returned again this trip!

With the day getting away from us we said our goodbyes to bryce n headed off to Kanab, a bit of a back track bit the only way to get to monument valley that isnt a goat track. We stopped in kanab for lunch, said hello to the places we went last visit n saw our very first drive thru post boxes!! Pretty sweet 🙂

From Kanab it was onto page and lake Powell where we drove over the dam and soon after into Navajo country n back into Arizona.

We arrived in monument valley before sunset, organised our tour for the next morning n set up to watch the sunset on those beautiful western buttes that we know so well from the movies, hopefully tomorrow we learn some more about them from our Navajo guide. The light was magical turning on a pink hue across the horizon letting the shadows of the peaks stand out.

The breeze is still blowing its expected to be high 20s low 30s overnight so another cold one bit at least we arent in the snow, the day should be another nice one though.

Tonight we will run the computer down a little so that i can clear some memory cards we hav racked up some serious GB in the past few days .. i’m just hoping there are a few decent ones in there!

No wifi in this desert so not too sure when this will actually get posted

Mileage: 308 miles (approx 495km)
Steps: 5563 (approx 4.06km)


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