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Four Corners

today we started the day with a magical blue sky with warming sun after a pretty warm night considering, still down in low single digits but at least we weren’t breathing ‘fog’ in the rig !!!!

our lovely Navajo guide collected us from the campground and took us on an awesome 2.5hr personal journey through monument valley talking about the mesa’s and their names and where the names come from – very cool!

at one stop we came across another group, obviously into photography going on the amount of gear they had and possibly on a photography tour, now i like my pictures – derrrr obviously !! – but when in a tourist spot i recognise that oh i don’t know tourists might want to take a photo. they may have been paying to get their guide and photo guide but for goodness sake don’t stand there taking a million pictures like I’m not there so much so that i actually had to say ” yeah before you move again i am going to take some pictures first” — wtf is with thatΒ  .. not happy no wonder photographers get a bad rap πŸ™

from monument valley we headed north back through some territory we had covered last trip then veered off and headed east, bound for Hovenweep National Monument, (Ute for ‘deserted valley’), where ruins of Pueblo Indian tribes lived around the 1200’s. many of the dwellings stand on the edge of the rim of the canyon and some are built into the walls, and others atop the rim – making you wonder what they were protecting or worried about. the structures given their age have stood the tests of time pretty damn well, and the parks staff along with the local Native Americans continue to monitor and try to protect them the best that they can. all in all a great walk around the rim checking out all the different structures.

from Hovenweep we headed to Four Corners, where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado meet. not realising that it was a commercial venture rather then a survey plaque or something small we arrived with about 15 minutes to go before the gates were due to be closed. the area falls back into Navajo tribal land and is managed by the Navajo nation, with entry fee (which given the time we didn’t have to pay !) and curio shops to boot – not quite what we were expecting but then the plaque was somewhat bigger and better then what we were expecting. it was quite funny watching both big and small kids try to play twister on the dial for the ‘perfect’ shot, unfortunately due to limited time there was no such antics for us, but we did get to stand in four states at once, and it makes the first time that we have both been in New Mexico – another state ticked off (well sort off but not really).

from Four Corners it was on to Cortez where hopefully a nice warm wet shower and power-points would greet us. we were getting pretty desperate , tash’s camera had no battery, mine – one battery was flat and the other was pretty well running on fumes, i had managed to fill about 16 or so GB of cards that i hadn’t been able to clear as the laptop was also running on fumes and i was running out of spare cards rapidly!!. they certainly are first wold problems but geez they are important !!!!

So with wet warm showers ticked off, some dusty dirty Arizona, Utah clothes in the machine, it was time to start working through those cards and get some power trickling into those batteries and hoping that the temps weren’t going to dip too much, unfortunately another minus night for us πŸ™ .. reckon these thermals are going to need a wash soon and hopefully we will then be able to put them away πŸ™‚

Mileage: 178 miles (approx 286km)

Steps: 10768 (approx 7.86 km)

so enjoy the pics xx



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