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Time Warp

Today we said good bye the glitz and glimmer of Las vegas, and headed north to the geologically stunning state of Utah. we followed the 15 which really is just a stunning drive – surrounded by canyons and plains that are dwarfed by these monstrosities of cliffs and canyons, that today were dotted with snow, making it even more spectacular!

we crossed the Arizona and Utah borders, and climbed to 8000ft where the snow greeted us at the edge of the road and in places was not just a light dusting .. a little exciting for us aussies as always 🙂

we hit Dixie national forest which leads into Bryce Canyon NP where we drove literally through the mountain – two tunnel/arches are carved into the rock for the traffic to drive through – pretty cool

the temperature was dropping rapidly, so luckily at our lunch stop we popped into walmart and found ourselves a little blanket to try and help us keep warm at night as we know there are no hookups in Bryce .. brrrrrrrrr

we hit Bryce and found a camp spot amongst the snow and under the trees, trying to find a tar spot rather then a snowy slushy spot 🙂 and then we hit sunset point for a finger numbing, brain chilling photo shoot

then it was dinner, and time to check in on the finances and so far so good which is good to know!

cant really write any more cause my hands are frozen just trying to type this, the PC tells us its about 26deg F not really sure what that is but zero is 37 so its bloody cold !!!!!!!! we have also just worked out that we changed timezones at some point (the phones changed on us .. good old first world problem there !) so its really nearly half 1  not half midnight which means its well and truly time for bed. no power means no photo stuff on the pc just in case we need it .. so hang in there hopefully there will be some stunners when we get them loaded

for all my CPSUers reading this have an AWESOME GC meeting, lov to everyone (am actually gutted that i am missing it, and wish i could time warp there and back and do both, but not yet unfortunately), get those brain storming sessions going off, because i cant wait to head guide and lead all your ideas and plans into the next round of challenges (someone give Wendy B DoHA) a big hug for me and tell her i am thinking of her) xxxx

mileage: 265 miles (approx 426km)

steps: 4589  (approx 3.34km)


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