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Let it snow let it snow let it snow

So this morning we got up at crack ass of dawn, no in fact crack ass of dawn was still bloody asleep when we got up. We got our bus to boulder city where we would board our very lovely Papillon Helicopters tour to the Grand Canyon. It was a brisk 4 deg this morning .. what the hell is with vegas this trip brrrr

We had a lovely young chicky pilot who took us up up n away over lake mead, hoover dam n of course over to the canyon, where we flew over the snow speckled canyon and then down into the canyon where we landed and had champagne above the colorado river surrounded by the massive cliffs of the canyon, with blue sky scattered amongst the clouds .. it was just gorgeous.

Then as there are 65 helicopters in vegas that do canyon flights (yep i now think these people are richer then the casino moguls) its one way traffic only, so up out of the canyon and back over the top where more snow greeted us till we reached Boulder city again. Almost all the peaks around Vegas hav snow on them, the fresh chill overnight has dumped snow down to levels that some of the pilots cant recall for sometime, and judging by the temperatures for the rest of the day and the ominous clouds over some of the peaks wouldn’t surprise me if the get some more

After arriving back at the park we headed out to Cruise America lot in Henderson to see if we can get the ‘issues’ sorted. The lovely mechanic man has hopefully sorted the black tank issue n fixed a few other things for us, so whilst it wasnt good that we needed to get stuff fixed they were very pleasant helpful and it only took about 45 mims so thats all good

By now it feels like it should be the middle of the night for us, so we head back up the strip in search of at least brunch if not brunch plus dinner .. which we found some lovely chinese at bills gaming saloon.

With our bellies very full it was time to check out the strip from above but this time from the Eiffel tower. Its a pretty cool view of the main part of the strip and gives you a good idea of how big some of these places really are i would hate to think just how many rooms there are in vegas!

Alittle tied n weary we headed back to the rig for a rest before headng to the old part of town – Freemont st. Its a cool place and there was lots happening down there.

We couldnt resist we had to go back to the Belligo fountains once more 🙂 then it home as we are now hitting about 20 hours awake, n we are very very tired little bunnies so sorry you will hav to wait for those canyon pics just a little longer

Mileage: 28 miles
Steps: 14801 (approx 10.8km)


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