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Strip walkin'

So this is probably gonna be a quick one tonight what with nearly 13km under our feet, a pitcher of margarita’s and a pretty cool night and a bloody early morning start

we started the morning at Luxor – reminiscing of our last trip when we stayed there, a very lovely and pretty cool hotel !!! but alas we were not there for the lovely comfy warm, soft, clean beds, we were there to see preserved bodies cut apart to show all the internal workings .. sounds so much better hey 🙂 actually this exhibition is pretty cool, a little disturbing and sometimes a little gross but wow talk about get a good look at what your body actually looks like under this skin of ours .. wow amazing. we had some lunch in luxor then headed back out to the strip hoping that the cool 50deg (10 deg C) weather had buggered off somewhere, however it wasn’t too be, the wind was still there as was the chill factor but at least the sky was sky.

we then proceeded to strip walk, ah no sorry that would be walk the strip ;-0. up the step s across the walkway, down the steps into the casino around the casino, up the steps across the ramp down the steps through the casino  .. getting the picture, its a dirty sly trick for all the drunks  .. oh hey lets go to X casino .. oh crap we have to go up the steps across the ramp down the steps into X casino .. screw that lets stay here !!!!! but for the stupid tourists it results in 13 km of walking!

so with tired feet it back to the rig for a shower and decisions for dinner, we decided to stay close to home and visit the namesake of the park – circus circus casino for dinner – across the road 🙂

so with margaritas’ and dinner done it was late and we have an early morning – you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find about that one 🙂

Mileage: zero
Steps: 17946 (approx 13.10km)


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