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Viva Las Vegas …

Today we headed out of the desert, well i guess not really cause Nevada is really one big desert, but anyway we headed out of the Joshua Tree NP and it was out along Route 66, then north to Vegas baby! the morning started off very fresh and didn’t get any better, in fact the winds picked up and were a couple of times a little scary on roads, little Suzie was getting blown about, but we made safe n sound without a drama, only to arrive in Vegas to RAIN !!! WT?? does it even rain in Vegas .. according to the numerous and large puddles around just about entry and exit at each casino apparently not 🙁

So back to our friends next door last nite, at about 10.30pm another car arrived with several more people and judging by the introductions we could hear going on who knows how they actually know each other let alone found each other. so it appeared from this morning that there was car sleeping and another tent – the later comers maybe – but worst of all the bikes actually belonged to two of them and they were going to be riding them. we felt pretty bad for ripping ’em between us last nite as it was a bloody miserable day and you wouldn’t wish this awful wind on anyone let alone riders. so hopefully they got to where they were safely!

we stopped for lunch at the Terrible’s casino (marketing 101 required i think!) which is a gas station, a mini mart, a krispy kreme station, a casino and a McDonalds (good ole wifi and warmth oh n clean restrooms 🙂 !!!!)  oh and just in case you weren’t sure what you were there for in the gas station shop there was beer and slot machines .. way cool .. hmmmm

from the casino/maccas it was up the very nice divided hwy to Vegas, there was a difference in the roads once we left California, i know we were traveling on the back roads but they were interstaters, and right at the border line on the cattle grid boom the road improved like a 100 fold.

so with the wind blowing us about and the skyline of vegas in the distance we ready to pull up shop. we reached the Circus Circus KOA (Kampgrounds of America) RV park .. it aint pretty but it is pretty much on the strip and at $50 bucks a nite we werent going to complain other then it looks like a nice soft comfy bed is not coming our way just yet !!!

so i guess we should mention that ole Suzie has a bit of a blackwater storage problem well actually its more of a blackwater valve problem – in that it dont appear to be working .. so yep those hookups are still a bit nasty but we got a trick happening to try to minimise the damage. so we called up Cruise Americsa, cause we had seen a big lot off the freeway when we drove into town, and of course being Saturday afternoon they couldn’t see us today and they are closed Sunday so we gotta wait till Monday to see them and get it sorted out. so not really too happy about that but not much we can do because its somewhat useless to us the way it is.

we had washed our lines and towels like good girls in SD, but had some pretty dusty and dirty clothes from the parks so with the rain tumbling down .. again rain in vegas are you serious !!! we did some washing and made plans for the evening – head to the Bodies Exhibition at the Luxor.

we showered – again oh my g-d how nice was that, and headed out to the strip, unlike our last visit where we clocked up about 24km in one day walking the strip this time we were catching the Deuce – the shuttle bus that runs north to south from Freemont to Mandalay bay. after wandering in and out of several casinos having now realised that not only was it saturday nite it was st patties day, so there were lots of fire breathing little green men/women about that were obviously not in casinos with responsible service of alcohol rules !! there were yard glasses, there were fake blenders filled with what i imagine to be margaritas, and golden trophy like cups filled with well who knows what along with the usual plastic cups and beer bottles .. and this was all out on the strip 🙂

if you have kids and these kids are nite owls or like to walk around alot at nite when its late and look at bright lights and lots of people .. bring ’em to vegas the place where its midnight a toddler is not out of place – in or out of the casino’s 🙂

we found the PBR (professional bull riders) bar and had some tucker, watched some college basketball and whatever other sport was on the 20 odd TVs in the place.

then it was time for some photos, time to test my hand holding night shooting ability .. we will see how that went when i download the pictures a little later!!! we watched the Belligo fountains several times .. it seems to be a place where you can get stuck, tonight the fountains were going off about every 15 mins so each time you were just about to walk away, they would start again :oh we’ll stay for just this last one!” hmm well about 4 or 5 later it was late, cold and i was really loosing the ability to get any clear pictures so we headed for home on lovely bus 🙂

the weather is not supposed to improve until monday so we will see what is in stall when we wake up.

Mileage: 238 miles (approx 383km)
Steps: 13669 (approx 9.97km)


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