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Joshua Tree

After a warm start to the morning, yep that breeze slipped away as quick as it arrived n over the hills popped the sun warming the rig to a warmish sleep stirring temperature.

We headed off from our sweet spot in the plains for Joshua Tree national park .. sound familiar yep the name of a U2 album. We traveled through the very weird lunar like landscape of Mecca. We arrived in JT NP purchased our annual pass, which allow us entry into all federal reserves throughout our trip .. pretty good for $80 bucks!

We then started the long drive through the park, which passes through the Colorado desert on the lower plains and up into the Mojave desert as you climb thru the park. The western higher slopes are where the Joshua trees are found and for which the park is named. The Joshua tree is a Yucca, Yucca brevifloia, and a member of the agave family.

Then it was time to hunt out and snare a camp spot for the night, not quite as freely available or cheap (but at 10 bucks who’s going to complain), we managed to snare what i imagine was probably the last available spot in the park, lucky for us, as we had failed to realise it was the weekend!!!!!

With a spot for the night sorted n marked out, we wound our way further through the park, to keys view where you can see down to the valley floor, across to Mt San Jacinta (which may or may not hav had trickles of snow coking off it) and across between between the mountains where the California smog is funneled into the valley – not so pleasant. At this point we had risen to over 5000ft above sea level. A pretty spectacular view. We then wandered around skull rock and the surrounding geologically spectacular landscape of ginormous boulders and through the cactus garden, where the aptly named teddy bear cacti hav found the perfect growing conditions on the slope leading down to the valley.

We then headed back to our camp where we hav our very own joshua tree in bloom too i might add, and a massive rock formation,

another pretty sweet spot. We also hav some entertainment for the night to our right 2 adults 2 kids in what appears to be a food truck possibly converted but not with Quebec plates, to our left 3 adults 2 females 1 male with 2 bikes 1 car n what can only possibly be a two man tent at a stretch. They appear not to be so camply, or naturish, nor well prepared so watching them throw almost all their logs ( by all we mean about 8 smallish ones) on the fire in the first hour will make for interesting evening later on with what feels like a reasonably cool nite to come 🙂

Tomorrow we make the reasonably long trek to Vegas where the want of a nice bed n proper shower is pulling us in crossed against the need to then almost pack up the camper .. its also the weekend so prices could be interesting n which hotels cater to rv parking is an unknown .. we will see what wins out at the end of the day.

Mileage: 151 miles (243km)
Steps: 8155 (5.95km)

Stats so far for wk 1 and wk 2:
Mileage week 1 – 333 miles (avg 47.57 per day)
Mileage week 2 – 857 miles (avg 122.43 per day)
Steps week 1 – 83729 (avg 11,961 per day)
Steps week 2 – 66,240 ( avg 9,462 per day)


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