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Exit 40

We said our goodbyes to SD but not before refuelling both gas n supplies, then it was back out onto the freeways where interstate 8 would lead us to the trail that is Anza-Borrego Desert State park, the largest state park outside of Alaska.

All was going well until we decided to stop at the vista point, then forget that the exit was only 3mile on, so then it became war of machine vs man n let me tell you the machine did not win, after driving between exit 40 n 45 twice (thankfully only 5 mile) we ditched the GPS which was intent on taking us on the goat track. We opted for compass (on the machine so not sure how this is taken into account) n good old fashion wing it! And guess what it worked a treat.

The drive along hwy 79 n then onto 78 whilst narrow n curvy is just spectacular you climb from sea level to 4000ft and leave behind the coastal vegetation for what can only be described as rock n mountain ville, surely nothing would choose to live in this desolate hot rocky place, but apparently both man n beast do!

As you approach Anza you dip to 2000ft n the cactus appear n the African savannah like spikey trees that i remember n lov spread out over the hills n plains. Then you arrive in the retro resort town of Borrego Springs, where big rusty metal animals line the open paddocks like some contemporary modern art scene in a totally unmodern galaxy … its super cool n the work that must hav gone into these sculptures really is amazing.

We headed to the park visitor center to get the lay of the land and hopefully some sight n camping tips. The lovely lady was very helpful so after a bite to eat we headed off. Hmmm well its was a different part of the park thats for sure n the faults n slips where pretty groovy but not cactus n spikes like i was hoping. We also must be too dumb for American tourist information, as it seems we can never follow the information or even when we can follow it we can never find what we are supposed to be looking for/at. Haven’t figured out if its cause we don’t hav a tow car with our rig that means you go anywhere man!

So after some driving around we headed back into town to check out the plant life n sculptures some more n to do some rv camp site scanning – we had our sweet spot picked so it was time to take a few more pics before heading back to the sweet spot.

we arrived at our spot just as the sun was finally dipping down behind the hills leaving just its yellow glow on the mountains. There are about 8-9 rigs in on this plain but none any closer then 300ft, everyone has politely situated their van far enough apart that it feels like you are out here alone but not enough to seem like they are taking up the entire area

It was reheated frozen spag bol for dinner as there are no hook-ups in this part of the world.

Tash was very excited to get some peace n quiet as there was a huge boat building business down the road from the park in SD that seemed to run non stop n the noise was i must admit a little annoying, however it seems the desert is not going to let that happen, a big wind storm is surging through the valley rockin the rig, and whistling at every nook n cranny much to my amusement not so much to tash’s

The temperature has already dropped quite a bit. When we first got out of the rig at the visitor centre the heat was quite oppressive the hottest that we hav felt since arriving, now with this wind i think mother nature is going to show us both sides to a desert. So with that in mind its time for tash to put the kettle on n for me to consider if im going to be able to get any night shots in this wind.

Mileage: 211 miles (339km)
Steps: 4280 (3.12km)


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