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A whale of a day

Today we got back into Suzie and headed out to the Coronado – well its not exactly a Coronado as its connected to land but they call it the call it the Coronado, a reasonably sized island like  part of the coast that sits on the western side of the San Diego bay/harbour, its also home to Naval Base Coronado – providing a shore-based platform for helicopters, aircraft carriers, SEAL Teams and other ashore and afloat commands. Naval Base Coronado is a consortium of eight Navy installations: Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado (NASNI); Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado (NAB); Naval Outlying Landing Field, Imperial Beach (NOLF IB); Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island (NALF SCI); Silver Strand Training Complex, Coronado (SSTC), formerly known as the Naval Radio Receiving Facility; Camp Michael Monsoor Mountain Warfare Training Center, La Posta; Camp Morena, La Posta and the Remote Training Site, Warner Springs (RTSWS). With the Pacific Fleet situated across the bay, its pretty serious business around here. With at least 1 if not 2 or more seahawks, and  jets pretty much in the air all the time its not too easy to forget just how important this area is the navy and defense in general particularly with the border only a few minutes down the road.

From Coronado we headed towards SeaWorld to Quivira bay for our whale watch (courtesy of Groupon half price – thanks very much!!). Unfortunately the whales were not playing the game this afternoon, but we did eventually see one gray whale and calf up close and personal – read right alongside the boat in so much as i think she scared herself when she came up and saw the boat there – so that was pretty cool, but like i said in the previous post, Gray Whales cause you are whales you are pretty cool but you sure is boooring !!!! So no more gray whale ‘hunting’ for us.

Whilst on the boat we almost got up close and personal with a US Navy Ship – well as close and personal as you can get to a US Navy Ship, and were kept entertained by watching the birds in the sky all around us – seahawks, jets, C1-30’s even a little bi-plane .. pretty cool. so after a long afternoon out on the windy, white capped sunny waters it was time to head back to camp and chillax some more.

Mileage: 54 miles (87km)
Steps: 4724 (3.44km)


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