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USS Midway!!

well today is pretty easy to write about. we had a sleep in, after all the driving and walking i was feeling pretty spent this morning. so after a pretty easy going morning we headed to the nearest trolley station a good miles walk from the park. we took the trolley into Downtown and then headed for the waterfront where the mighty USS Midway is docked and open for inspection.

We spent the next oh i’d say probably 4 good hours on there, exploring everything that we possibly could. this is one mighty ship with a mighty history to boot.

she is  258 feet wide, 1,001 feet long, weighs in at 69,000 tons with 69,000 horsepower to boot. she is the 20th century’s longest serving carrier, has a 4.02 acre flight deck that is 3.5inches thick and has 3.4 million gallon fuel capacity. she has a crew of 4500, including  225 cooks, 200 pilots and has had 40 skippers in 47 years. when at sea she went through 10 tons of food a day with 13,500 meals served every day, 1000 loaves of bread each day and when beef was served it took 4,500 pounds to feed the crew.

she is too big for the panama canal, shot down the first and last MiG of the Vietnam War, was home ported in Yokosuka for 19 years and served in Desert Storm before being decommissioned in 1992. She is on loan from the US Navy and has already seen 5 million visitors through her decks.

it is a living breathing museum that is totally awesome, the ship is amazing, the birds on deck and in the hanger are very cool, overall if you haven’t guessed a super duper double awesome day !!!

seeing how we were a little caught up with Midway and missed lunch we decided to treat ourselves and have dinner in the Gaslamp district at a lovely little Spanish tapas cafe, where it was happy hour and who can say no to $6 mojito’s!

then it was back on the trolley and the trek back home to do some washing and kick back and relax.

Mileage: None (yay)

Steps: 17383 – ouch !!!! (approx 12.68) .. no wonder my little tootsies are sore 🙁


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