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Surf city here we come .. n go

Today we leave the smog n skyscrapers of LA behind n head south to the OC – orange county home to Huntington beach, Newport beach, Laguna beach home of surfing n bronzed up surfers well black wetsuited surfers as it was today, but not before taking a stroll around rainbow bay in long beach and getting a peak at the Queen Mary permanently berthed in SD. The clouds had come in and were looking very comfy today, dont know that we will see too much blue sky today.

We wandered the pier at Huntington watching the thickly suited surfers take off for some very short waves that hardly seemed the effort for getting thru the break n watching your feet turn purple due to the semi arctic temperature of the water!

Parking our rig, cause that’s what you call you it when you hav am RV .. what size rig you got? Oh just a baby 19ft. Oh, you on your own? No . Hmmm .. conversation ends ๐Ÿ™‚ .. was a little interesting but we gettin it sorted tash stands at the back waving me in like we are landing a hornet on a carrier bit it works until they start putting crosses n T’s everywhere .. what the? Oh it divides up the meter parking and considerately provides overhang at the front and back of each group before the next group starts, well how kind of ya all to do that for us!

After wandering n driving Huntington in the cleared up lovely blue sky but still cool breeze – driving to get ‘cheap’ fuel which we got but it was a litle further into the ‘burbs then we thought so probably not as cheap as originally thought but at least we got to see Macy’s @ Huntington Beach right ? It does make you wonder though with all the money in these areas there were still active oil “rigs” .. i say “rigs” because I’m sure the smaller ones hav a different name, you know the little hammer ones you see in the movies .. on corner blocks in the middle of town, or next door to a house n then a rig/platform either gas or oil not sure which so close off the beach, 4 of them actually at Huntington, if these areas cant stop them .. makes you wonder

From Huntington we followed the swank homes n swankier beaches till their were none left to follow and all that was left was concrete jungles of freeways n overpasses n underpasses n exits .. at least we were limited to two levels of road today although the 16 lane stretch divided into 4 sections, 3 different freeways was certainly enough!

We passed by Camp Pendleton n the exit to Miramar n almost as if on cue a lovely extraordinary jet flew overhead .. i luv those machinesย  ๐Ÿ™‚ i could watch n listen to them all day long!

We found our lovely camp spot by the harbour in chula vista where we can hear n see the black hawks, so maybe i spoke to early about listening to jets all day – i think Tash thinks she is back at 5AV hope she doesn’t go all AJ on me ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to sure how we hav done it but i don’t think that we hav ended up not under a flight path of something yet! There sure must be some crowded airspace up there.

We hav set up camp here for a few days n i am really hoping that i do not need to get into the car to drive anywhere at all tomorrow.

We watched the sunset over the bay tonight as we sat n sipped our beer from the comfort of suzie, this sure is the life. We hav moved into daylight savings as of Sunday which is rather nice as we haven’t been arriving in the dark.

We hav however had time to sneak a peek at the other rigs .. whoa! There are some serious machines here, this park has 238 spots n its pretty full n we are by a quite a few feet the smallest, however there is no way in hell i would want to drive any of these rigs anywhere!

Steps: 12589 (9.18km)
Mileage: 135 (217km)


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