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starry starry night

today we woke to clouds πŸ™ and overcastness .. well i guess it had to happen sooner or later! we headed off from our ocean view spot in Malibu to santa monica pier for a stroll along the beach with runners, cyclists, roller bladders and other strollers out for their Sunday session by the sea. the pier was pretty busy and on the beach below there was a tribute/protest to the wars marking out the American soldiers killed or injured as well the Iraqi’s and Afghan civilians – a telling reminder of the price of freedom for all.

the sun slowly started to peak through the clouds so we were hopeful that we might get a clear view from atop Griffith Park, so we thought we would head to Venice Beach first but being sunday and nice weather (even with the clouds) it was chocka block and after driving around looking for a park with half the city we decided to skip the beach and head straight for the park.

so through and around LA we went up Hollywood Boulevard, down Sunset, along Santa Monica, you name them we through, over, across or around them, except the very very centre of downtown, Susie dont like downtown !!!

we drove around the Griffith Park through the tunnel and up and over and around then back to park before having some lunch gazing out the massive green space that Griffith park is sitting on the edge of LA, then it was time to climb – to the observatory and see what we could see.

thankfully after a reasonably long walk along santa monica the uphill wasnt as long as we thought thanks to some shortcuts πŸ™‚ the observatory is quite large larger then i had imagined and the view whilst still a bit cloudy and hazy and LA smogged it was still a pretty darn good view up there.

we also just in time for a “water is Life” session inside the planetarium – these things are soooo cool !!!!Β  we wandered around the Ob for a little longer before heading back down the hill and off in search of Dodger stadium for tash. unfortunately as its not ball season the park wasnt open but we did get to see the entry gates LOL.

from Dodgers we headed to long beach back through the city and down the freeways, exit left exit right OMG cross 5 lanes exit left .. are you kidding me there are 4 levels of roads hereΒ  .. yep freeways are not your friend, freeways are not your friend BUT we managed to find our way to long beach albeit with a very interesting side diversion in and around Long Beach terminals which are are massive. one of the terminals here is probably bigger then all our port terminals at home put together a little scary actually espically as you come into it over this ginormous very high bridge that looks out onto it all -again freeways are not your friend! we were too busy dodging the sun and watching the GPS and road to take any pictures will see what we can do tomorrow

tonight we seem to have landed a flight path, helicopter landing/taking off flight path and terminal trains, whilst sitting alongside banking row with a night sky that is like daylight .. all a little strange.

Steps: 13362 (9.75km)
Mileage: 97 (156km)


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