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Waterfall ways

After a little sleep in we woke to sounds of birds n the river flowing behind n the sun trying to peak around the corners of our curtains. It was another chilly night in the forest, this time though we were prepared .. thermal long johns under the oscar flannel PJs, thermal singlet, t shirt n long sleeve shirt yep those layers worked a treat!

The lovely campsite hosts gave us spots to hit on our way south, the first stop not so great not because of dodgy advice but a rude n useless park nazi that decided after we had travellin 2 miles down the windy narrow road to tell us he wouldn’t let us park not happy but move on plenty more to see.

From there it was a quick stop at the beautifully situated nepenthe cafe perched high on the cliffs with spectacular views up n down the big sur coastline. Even the gray whales think its a great spot we saw about 6 different pods n continued to see the spouts across the ocean for remainder of trip south today – there certainly are a lot of them :-). This place is a 5 star shining ad for location location location, because other then the cafe, whales n ocean there is bugger all else there but apparently it is known far n wide n is always busy, today was no different

Mcway falls inside Julia Pffiefer burns state park was the next destination. A little waterfall that quietly pops its head out of the rocks n falls to the beach below. Until about 1983 the falls dropped straight into the ocean but a ginormous landside that took a significant part of the hill n road with it n deposited a nice sandy beach at the foot of the falls instead. The water in the little cove was so clear n blue just beautiful.

We had our lovely standard issue rv sandwich in the beautiful pffiefer SP before heading to Limekiln creek  in search of another waterfall.

It seems like we are traveling melb to bris each day yet there are so few miles traveled. The road is curvy, hilly, windy n narrow the pace is slow n intense trying to keep her in the lines n off the edge as well clearing trucks trees rocks n branches that line the road on either side. The views are spectacular n you just cant drive by the pullouts n vista points without taking a quick peak to see whats on show.

We arrived at limekiln n headed off on the falls trails, well at least we thought we had, trees across the path, creeks to cross its all an adventure until the path disappears n the tree falls get bigger n wider n actually impossible to get around .. cursing of the park attendant begins why didnt he say the falls trail was impassable. We get back to the fork in the trail, 2 posts 3 trails n falls trail left .. what the? We went right. We both look at each  i swear i thought it said falls trail to the right .. hmm x 2 .. guess we better pay better attention to the signs :-). So off in the actual falls trail we go, n in many respects it was similar lots of trees down choose your own adventure path finding but mostly different in that it led us to the falls 🙂

From limekiln it was off to piedras blancas elephant seal rookery where they take up roost each year around this time to calve n fatten up the babies before they head off back to wide open seas. The are strange lookin animals n bloody lazy. They move about 2m before laying back down for a rest n then continuing on. A little like the sea lions they are vocal little creatures. With the sun again starting to dip towards the ocean we started to make a beeline for morro bay where we would eventually pull up camp just across the road from the beach dunes

Mileage: 98 miles
Steps: 11390 (approx 8.31km)
Animals: gray whales, elephant seals, Monarch butterflies, condor


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