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driving down the 101 Singing 'California Dreamin' …

we woke to another glorious day of sunshine and blue sky. we” headed into morro bay harbour to check out the massive rock we could see from our camping spot last night – Morro Rock and boy was it massive!

as we were checking out this pound of rock there in the water close to the edge were more OTTERS – COOL !!!!!!!!!! so needless to say we were waylayed for some time watching these very hilarious characters play and almost play up to the camera’s that i am sure they knew were there  .. hopefully the internet problem which we will get too will improve so i can upload some pics and video’s as well. all along the rocks where we were standing watching them were little squizzels (squirrels) and i reckon if you stood still too long you would have a squirrel up your leg for sure! i also didn’t think it was possible but i think the seagulls are getting bigger as we go south – i thought the san fran birds were big these are ducks on ‘roids !

after several memory cards were filled .. i told you i loved them 🙂 we headed up the harbour wall to see what was on the other side of the rock, but you actually cant walk all the way around due to the ocean meeting it on a third of its sides. along the walk we saw some twitters/tweeters ??? anyway birdwatchers who were watching a pair of peregrine falcons watch over and protect their nest – very cool indeed. they have been nesting in the same spot for at least 11 years and theses people watch and record and photograph them each year – very very dedicated people and some of the reasons why we know so much about birds like these that are usually not land bound.

we picked up a few more supplies – still trying to balance fresh food against how much the fridge will hold and how much we are eating and drinking – which isnt a lot and of course the supermarkets of which there are many types today it was an albertsons. they are not usually places that i like to go i  leave that up to tash 😉 but here i lov wandering them and seeing what is on the shelves and whats not etc so it takes us a little longer then it really should doh !

so we finished up the shopping and jumped on hwy 1 headed for the little danish town of Solvang, unfortunately there was a rather bicycle race going on and it was buuusssy! traffic jams for a few miles on either side of town, cyclists and people everywhere and no parks to be seen anywhere so we did a drive by shooting of solvang which is a shame it looked just lovely.

from solvang we headed out to the 101 n 1 which we took us through the swish town of Santa Barbara that sits at the bottom of the massive Santa Barbara mountain range, and all the way into Malibu – our destination for the night. our little camp spot tonight has mountain and ocean views and with the almost full moon on the rise behind the clouds that came in after lunch it is a beautiful little spot on the hill that i am sure in the daylight tomorrow will reveal even more.

there were a couple of spots along the  way on the 1 where the side of the road was lined with RVs set up right next to the beach on the edge of the road a little strange but cool at the same time 🙂 .. i think one might have to reserve those spots quite some time in advance 🙂

the wifi in the park is very slow and very frustrating although nowhere as frustrating as the virgin so called mobile wifi that we purchased the other day, it difficult to tell if its a piece a crap or if generally the service in the area is crap as the phones have limited if any service as well – on different networks. its very strange how behind the cell network and wifi/broadband seems to be. some of the carriers are still on CDMA which we turned off sometime ago now and some are only just moving to 3G and introducing 4G at the same time. without a social security number it is virtually impossible to get any sort of decent prepaid mobile or broadband access and even then alot of the carriers dont allow the phones to be used as a hotspot which is rather interesting, anyway hopefully once we get to LA it will be sorted if not it will be going back and we will be at the mercy of Macca D’s and the campgrounds which will be extremely frustrating for many reasons.

tomorrow we head into LA, wish us luck !!!

mileage: 209 miles (336km)

steps: 5747 (approx 4.19km)

animals: otters, peregrine falcon, squirrels, condors


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