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A whale of a time

Today we packed up n unhooked without any dramas n headed down to the marina. It had been a very chilly night down around 3-4 deg n the flannel pjs helped a little .. new arrangement of the bed linen or thermals may be required if this weather keeps up! The locals tell us both the sun n chill are unusual at this time of year, so its good to know we arent the only ones freezing our butts off.

With the parking sorted tickets purchased we were off on the Princess of Monterey Whale watch tour, out to the canyon edge that is Monterey National Seashore park.

The sun was shining, the water was gleaming, the seals were barking and the whales arrived – gray whales that is, about 4 or 5 it was difficult to tell. They swam around us for a little while, they arent nearly as playful as the humpies, in fact they are pretty boring, well as boring as whales can be :-). It was then time to head back to land but not before heading straight into a pod of about 200-300 dolphins, they were damn crazy like some mad shark feeding freenzy, the speed that they travel at n the numbers of them you hear them before you seen them n then trying to keep pace with them is tiring!

We returned to the wharf n headed back out to the hwy to the hamlet of Carmel by the Sea where we ate sandwiches by the seashore in the sunshine and saw squirrels. Cant say i was expecting to see squirrels by the seashore!

From Carmel it was south to Point Lobos where we wandered the sea cliffs listening to the grunts of the sea lions out on you guessed it seal rock 🙂 until …. the Otters arrived. OMG they are soooooo cute. I was stoked i wanted to see otters n here they were. 3 lazy old things had wrapped themselves up nicely in the seaweed and were floating on their backs pretending to be logs but we saw through those lotters (like a logodile only an otter !!) Then came mum n the pups swimming around very cute. Just as we were about to head off mum came swimming by just at the cliff edge below us so we got up close n personal okay maybe it wasnt that close but it was as close as it could be, she was feeding in the shallows of the rocks as the tide was slowly coming back in, just awesome.

Reluctantly with the sun beginning to dip its edges into the sea we were back on the road headed for Big Sur, but not before stopping at Brixby bridge for some photos.

Our campsite for the night, powered yay, no wifi boo, but in amongst the trees beside the river, so we sit back in ‘Susan cooking up our dinna listening to the river flow on by .. not bad for 50 bucks in my books.

Its also time to download the several memory cards of photos (read that as about 16GB) as today we played switch the memory cards not so much fun. Hopefully as we get closer to LA the wifi will pick back up again apparently wifi in the woods doesnt work so well 🙂

Oh i lied yesterday, well technically not really i said it was our first home cooked meal but tash reminded me we had breaky n lunch in Susan too, but then im not so sure coco pops n ham, cheese n tomato sandwiches count as a cooked meal but they were handmade

Miles driven: 36 mile (approx 60km)
Steps walked: 7949 (5.8km)
Animals seen: Gray whales, sea lions, dolphins, otters, rabbits n squirels.


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