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Walmart adventures n Monterey

Another chilly morning a little chiller then the last few we didn’t sleep as well due to the chill, so we headed to Walmart! Down the hwy from New Brighton we go to the nearest n dearest walmart. Grabbed a few things we needed .. see told you we would hav forgotten stuff last shop and to get some essentials for the ‘Susan like fry pan, wooden spoons, wash cloths, tongs .. yep not very impressed n will be providing plenty of feedback 🙂

After a little while wandering the aisles of walmart and picking up a few extra things we headed down the hwy a bit further to Best Buys to hopefully get me some wifi. Unfortunately we hav no walmart stories or videos to post – i know so disappointing aye

Well the very lovely guys n gals at best buys hooked us up with some portable wifi so we are good to go .. thou we hav a GB limit so will post a few pics then see how our usage is going for few days before doing any major uploads.

After our little shopping adventures we headed to our destination for the night the charming seaside town of Monterey. We wandered the old wharf n cannery row, checked out the some very vocal n mot so polite locals under the wharf – the very entertaining sea lions. Haven’t seen any otters yet but we better otherwise i will be very upset they are so cute!

We decided to actually make it to camp before dark and try to score a hookup site (power, water etc). We headed for the county fairgrounds n were in luck. Then our first venture into plugging in the shore line, water n sewer. Hmm, well the shoreline plug was bent (so am now so super impressed with the obvious lack of checking done by the company before we took the van), but thankfully the very friendly camp host had an adapter that fitted so shoreline in and we have full power. Then it was time to connect the city water, no probs all done, last but not least the sewer line. Um anyone see the movie RV with Robin Williams, yeah not quite that bad but not feakin great.

So the whole black water (sewer) system has a holding tank along with the grey water, you can dump at authorised points along the way or when you hav full hookup you can ‘realtime’ connect. So when you realtime or dump there is a lever that you release once everything is connected n ready then the waste holds can be emptied. So as i am trying to connect the hose before the lever has been turned just so you know we were doing it in the right order, out comes water from the pipe .. wtf !!! Yeah not happy but thankfully as we had been dry camping in the state parks it was literally only water. But what the hell its not supposed to do that until the lever is pulled, what happens next time and we havent been dry camping .. i see paper scissors rock being used real soon!!!!!!

After that little adventure it was time to sit back relax n crack our very first beer in the US of A and contemplate our first homemade meal .. the old faithful spag bol 🙂

Once dinner was finished it was time for a long awaited n probably well needed real shower since Sunday (its now wednesday!). Oh boy even with the rough water it felt gooood.

So now its bed time n we r ready to tuck into bed in our new oscar the grouch cause its too freakin cold flannel pj pants courtesy of Walmart amd hope that the flightpath we are under hav a curfew thats coming up real quick.

Tomorrow we see what the weather g-ds hav instal for us to determine our day.

Mileage for the day: 62 miles (approx 100km)
Steps for the day: 12500 (our little pedometer calculates that to be 9.14km the steps we know r pretty close to accurate, the km’s is out somewhat bit cant tell how much as each day is different)

Will go back n update these stats for the other days as well.


2 thoughts on “Walmart adventures n Monterey

  1. Oh hey Monterey – I’ve been there. How cool are the old canneries that have now been converted into restaurants and shops 🙂 Make sure you go to Carmel – that little town is cool. It’s probably an eccentric equivalent of Bowral in my opinion. J xox

  2. yeah i like how they have kept the old style with the new tastefully .. we stopped in Carmel v cute little town.

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