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Tree huggin hippies

Today we woke to the sounds of pita patter splat, as the rain drops made their way through the canopy of the redwoods under which we were parked.

We launched out of bed, well ok i slowly climbed out n braced for the chill, n it was chilly. So with no dinner other then jelly tots we headed up the trail to the ranger hut to get our change from the self registration camping fees of last night n to hopefully get some food .. there were a number of huts that looked promising last night. Alas change but no cigar well breaky anyway, so with water at the ready we were not deterred, off to the walking trails we headed, thou we did decide on the shorter ones given our lack of energy intake in the past 24hrs. The redwood groves were just amazing these trees are ginormous. We had seen the sequoia groves near Yosemite last trip but you really do forget just how massive these ancient beasts truly are. Some of them would take 5-7 large men to even attempt to hug them.

After an awe inspiring chilly walk we headed back to cruisin susan to make ourselves at home. Bags unpacked things in their allotted spots we were ready to move onto boulder creek where we were guaranteed food!!

Boulder creek, a quaint little town with several barber shops, numerous bars n two lovely fully stocked supermarkets whoyah master chief! But first lunch, dinner, breakfast n lunch was to be had. Into the also very quaint n clearly been around awhile ‘old mountain inn’ we were served up a massive brunch of omelettes served with home style fries n hotcakes n throw in hot chocolate m Houston we r good to go!

Then it was off to Johnnys Super, were we stocked the fridge n cupboards with everything we remembered .. we will let you know how we did on that front as we go along.

From boulder creek we rolled on down the N9 to Henry Cowell State Park. Unfortunately with the winds (bloody chilly) and the age and unpredictability of the old girls the park trails were closed :-(. We had a nice ole chat to the lovely volunteer in the visitor centre who pointed us down the road to trail were the redwoods are still considered to be young growth. Another few kms notched up here.

From the trail head it was down the hwy to the coast into Santa Cruz. We obliged the wifi at Macca D’s (we did purchase a drink) then down to the pier which i believe was built around 1907, dont quote me check Mr Wiki. The pier is about a 1km long n in summer it must be fantastic, lots of little eateries along it a beautiful view back to palm lined shore n the boardwalk fairground.

From santa cruz we headed to our campground for the night at New Brighton State Beach where we can listen to the sounds of the waves breaking against the cliffs about 100m from us .. who needs 5 star when you can hav 5000 🙂 .. i will say gettin a hookup site (power) is starting to become somewhat of a necessity as i have bout 5 days of photos slowly backing up my memory cards n not making it to you, it also unfortunately means that we hav no showers :-/ (generator times are 10am to 8pm .. we r gone by 10 n usually pulling in after 8 doh!). So bird bath it is again tonight!

Mileage for the day: 47 miles (approx 76km)
Steps for the day: 18555 (13.54km)


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