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The long n winding road

So today started off great, we headed to the pier 43 1/2 .. i kid u not! For our half price thanks to Groupon tour of the harbour with the red & white fleet. It was a brisk 6 deg n the fog had rolled on in after the beautiful clear night shrouding the harbour n city in its mist. We lost sight of The Rock for a little before the cruise but right on cue it started to appear, the GGB on the hand was showing off her misted side to us all n i gotta say it aint a bad look.

So we cruised on by the city, marina, along past the rolling hills of the city n golden gate park, the presidio .. actually we learnt there r 43 hills in SF .. n i think we found about 30 yesterday! Then its down to n under the majestic GGB. Apparently each ship has its own horn sound so they know in the depths of the mist n darkness who is out there with you – pretty cool. So with horns blasting we turned around the centre pylon n headed towards The Rock

Around the rock we went with blue sky all around us heading towards the bay bridge n then back towards town n the marina to our dock. A very interesting tour from a different angle for us even though last time we did The Rock, I’m not sure we took too much notice of anything else 🙂

We headed back to the hotel to stuff our things in our bags … why is it that it all fits coming here yet take one thing anything at all out n well there goes any chance of getting it all back in again .. whats with that!

We left the bags bulging at the seams n things hanging off them with the bell boy, why yes dear the bell boy doesn’t everyone hav one on holidays and headed up to the crookedest street – yep Lombard St. So i guess its safe to say that we survived our hell on wheels from yesterday n were able to go in search of more hills. So up the blocks we climbed until we came to the pedestrian n vehicle traffic jam. We had made it Lombard St. But we weren’t done yet, it was up those 253 steps to the top for us, for what really is a magical view n a very pretty street, thou the fact that there are accredited parking valets is enough to make me rethink my real estate options in Lombard St!

So we climbed it, we photographed it, we did the hand hold too close up picture ( that really takes about 6 shots to get right n nobody ever shows all 6 just the hey sweet check this photo of me at blah blah photo) n then down those bloody 253 steps we went .. either we r glutens for punishment or really stupid – i dont need your answer to that on FB either, lets call it a silent thinking question okay.

Then it was time to say goodbye SF n hello RV. So this is where the day went off the rails just a little .. lets just say that getting to the RV centre took way more time n money then it should hav, all because we thought we would do the right thing not the lazy expensive option .. hmm well that wasnt quite how it worked out but anyhooo we got there, got the vehicle sorted and dodged some traffic to get fuel.

Get this, so not happy n so wouldn’t happen in Oz! We got the vehicle with 9 miles of gas in it, 9 miles seriously one wrong turn onto a turn pike n bang gone out of fuel. So after what was a very quick run thru of the vehicle (cause you know i’d seen the ‘tube vid so who needs like a real human to show us stuff!) We were some what less then impressed. We then headed to pak n save (groceries) was nice n close, but not in the da best of hoods we gathered as we were getting starred at if u get my drift .. we had worked out one of the drawers didnt lock properly so before we went in we called to see if we could come back after we had food to get it fixed.. the mechanics were leavin in ten minutes so we had to high tail it back there get that fixed n by now I’m like you know this isn’t working out so well …. hmmm welll ain’t that the truth

So we finally got back on our way n decided to ditch the food hood n just get down the coast cause its getting late (we regretted that decision later). So onto the freeway we go, off the freeway, on the freeway, off the freeway .. you gettin the picture yeh .. bloody gps n this time i cant lay all the blame on tash cause the stupid thing wanted hwy south n there was only east n west trust us we had those turn pikes covered n there aint no south where we were! Eventually a few stressed whiles later we got ourselves back on track n straight into oakland peak hour traffic, oh the joys of it!

Eventually thru the peak hour traffic it was now dark n we were headed into the woods n windy roads where the signs kept saying narrow roads, narrow roads brother they get any narrower n there aint gonna be no road! Needless to say that did not help the stress levels. We always say no windy roads no forests on the first day, why then is that where we always end up on windy forest roads?

So at about 8pm we finally reach Big Basin Redwoods State Park pretty much middle of nowhere, find a camp spot, throw the bed together n climb in for an early nite, which hopefully wont be too chilly. Tomorrow we get to explore what look like giant beautiful redwoods in this pitch black quiet night.

If your wondering about our food escapades for today dont it too has had better days .. mum this is where you stop reading ok, we r tucked up in bed all safe nothing more to read here ok .. for everyone else the chocolate muffin we had for breaky just isn’t sustaining us too well. In all the drama getting to the RV place lunch got skipped, then we ditched the food stop – see told you we were going to regret that one. So dinner well lets just say damn those jelly tots were great for dinner i just hope they get us through till breaky (i really hope there is camp store in this park otherwise we r screwed!).

From the RV bed good night n wish us better luck tomorrow!

Mileage for the day: 90 miles (145km)
Steps for the day: 8247 (6.02km)


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