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Hills bloody Hills!

Today was heartbreak hill all day! We rented bikes at 11am, we7 returned said bikes at 630pm. We sat and had lunch for about 15mins .. we rode from the city along the marina, up to golden gate park, thru golden gate park, along lands end, across the bridge n back, thru crissy field n back thru the marina n to the shop.

Between each word add hill and that should give a clear picture of our day, just as think you dont need to add hill anymore keep adding it just like we had to keep climbing them, they moved to every corner we turned, every downhill run that we thought would get us to the end and then just to be safe add a few more!

The pedometer, which i’m sure doesnt work properly when riding – walking riding same kinda thing but different – states that we did over 16000 + steps – and here i was thinking the 10000 step challenge was a gimmick n not actually possible .. apparently in SF its totally possible. At 16000 odd steps thats about 12 km according to the pedometer its likely more but then whats 12 km of hills against 13 or even 14!

Did we see stuff, sure we saw hills n some more hills, oh there might hav been a bridge or something but i wouldn’t like to go on record or anything. Pictures .. r u freakin serious half the time i was just trying to survive, today the camera came out a hell of a lot less then normal .. oh look pretty little houses .. oh we are only half way up this hill, i could stop .. yeah no thanks AAA don’t do cycle tows! There was no way once i had momentum that i was stopping for pretty little houses or big arse sparkly churches, nope i was pushing (n literally most of those hills it was pushing) n i wasnt stopping

So i hope u like bridges cause thats about all the pictures from today that u r gonna see .. will let you know if either of us can walk tomorrow

Oh n Mum we remembered the thing we forgot .. sunscreen! Guess not having summer really does mess with your brain ..anyway its all good Wal came to the rescue .. what? who’s Wal .. well Walgreens of course!

Steps for the day: 20657 (15.07) .. these r a bit dubious as we did ride today so not sure what effect it would hav bit we rode we believe about 10mile possibly a bit more. So a massive day either way.


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