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Brisvegas to Hollywood and on to San Francisco

A reasonably uneventful flight to LAX, semi decent food, good” movies, our seat mate was friendly and un-annoying .. however neither of us successfully slept .. dozed alittle fidgeted alot but not so much in the sleep department

Landed in LA early to a beautiful pink sunrise n a crisp clear blue sky morning.

We did however not plan ahead very well we should hav put clean clothes for the ‘new’ day ahead near the top of our bags these ones are getting pretty rank!

Why is it that after sitting on a plane for 13 hrs the first thing we all want to do is sit down again! The lovely leather lounges of the admirals club at LAX were divine!

The flight frim LAX to SFO .. well you might need to ask the other passengers 🙂 we both crashed for about half an hour at both ends .. but we can tell you looking at the California coast and inland from up there is spectacular .. cant wait to see it from the ground.

So we arrived in SFO without any problems, collected the bags and headed to the car rental ..woah was it busy mid saturday morning

thou the line moved pretty quickly – took us about 30 mins n then we were on our way on the wrong side no the right handside literally the right handside of the road and heading Point Reyes National Seashore.

So after a few umm let me call them technical glitches (which really means tash cant follow the GPS) with the directions we were headed in the right direction. I must say the technical glitches .. yes multiple, did mean that we got to see some SF suburbs up close n personal n a umm crash course (not literally Mum we are fine!) in US road rules or maybe only SF cause i dont recall them being this weird n hard to understand. For example there are 4 way stop signs everywhere at first kinda seems like normal rules first one there n all but then turning seems to be priority n dont even try to work out pedestrians ! Anywhoooo we get back on the right track n headed for city .. OMG the city i don’t wanna go thru city .. that’s ok technical glitch again n somehow we skirted round the edge and on to the GGB .. for those not in the know obviously its the Golden Gate Bridge!

Pretty cool we hav now riden n driven across the GGB – phone picture to prove it 🙂

We stopped at the vista point n gazed at the clear blue sky wondering what it was then we remembered its that stuff in the sky that usually goes with the yellow thing that keeps u warm n happy n fuzzy .. n no you crazy ossies cant have it!

So we drove to Muir Woods bit being middayish on a Sat with that blue stuff hanging about every man dog n vehicle was there n we weren’t walking 8 mile from the first car spot available. So we kept heading towards Point Reyes, n heading to Point Reyes n driving the curves to Point Reyes n some more curves .. getting the picture that this was a never ending drive, well your bloody well right my g_d we thought we were never going to get there but eventually we did. Know what we went to see .. coastline n a pretty lighthouse .. know what we saw .. long wide sandy bloody lake like piece of ocean with no bloody lighthouse with a chilli breeze blowing thru is .. happy .. not so much!

And you pretty well can guess the next part retrace the road from hell except this time it was also make sure tash doesn’t spew in the rental car .. oh wonderful afternoon folks just wonderful .. grrrr

So we made it to the hotel in one piece checked in hit the showers cause seriously we needed one! Then it was down the wharf for some tucker, which clearly we didn’t think through very well .. Fishermans wharf .. whadda reckon they might sell .. fish yep got it one .. awesome fish is right mmm not so much when one of us ( yep lookin at tash again) is allergic .. so given we had had breaky at about 4am CA time n that was it, we were pretty darn hungry so the nice old style lookin johnny rocket got the nod .. cool chairs at the diner counter for cool kids thanks very much .. greasy chips n burger you bet n for me a Hershey shake in a super cool cup .. mum always said presentation was important !

And that my friends is probably not the way to do your first day in SF .. lucky we had been here before then hey !

Steps for the day: 4431 (1.77). This is only from hotel checkin onwards.


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