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Birdwatching at Hunter Wetlands

So with my trusty assistant pulling a 12hr shift at the other place that helps to pay the bills, i was left to my own devices – which is probably a dangerous position to be in :-). After pretending to be useful around the house – well i did in fact do some washing and cleaning, and played around with my photo’s for a while, which is a whole story that goes something like 250GB drive corrupts, retrieval then means sorting 750GB of possible salvageable photos (which i am not even half way through) and also means that my backup system is in complete disarray after trying to find space for said 750GB – but like a said a whole other story!

So with my trusty mountain bike – no not the roadie it stayed in the shed much to its dislike (it has been in there with the spiders and cobwebs for quite a few months now) and my pack loaded up with camera, lenses, tripod and bino’s all in the hope of getting some birdwatching in – the winged type that is – at the Hunter Wetlands National Park – Kooragang (Ash Island).

Unfortunately the tides had be much lower during the week then i had anticipated and many of the ponds were almost if not bone dry, so needless to say the wildlife weren’t hanging around for dry dirt. I did get a nice ride in and also found that there is now a bridge connecting the north/west with the south/east at Cobbans Creek, which now gives access to the east of Ramsar Road to Southbank and Wagtail roads which is good to know.

So very little in the way of wildlife except for a lovely brown snake sunning himself about 1 meter from where i was surveying the long grass to take a picture – for those that know me, will know that i did not take that picture but rather high-tailed it out of there on the double. That thing was here first and i sure as hell am not going to argue with it !

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