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Owaka to Dunedin

We headed off from our back paddock behind the local pub camp ground – which sounds alot worse then it was – the toilet flushed the water was hot so all was good. We cranked up the little kitchen in our mobile home for some lovely steak sangers. We woke to the sound of rain on the roof and a definite chill in the air. Yep sure enough the front we had been trying to keep ahead the past few days and caught up and it was cold !!!! The weather man says there will be snow down to 600m in the South east, the very direction that we are heading.

We backtracked to what is reportedly the most photographed waterfall in NZ as it was too late last night to stop and for a short stroll it wasn’t too bad at all. From there it was back through Owaka to Surat bay and an adventure we wel could have done without – the so called path to the beach was a dogs breakfast and basically didn’t exist so after humping through tussock grass for about 30mins we finally reached what can only be described as a disappointing view, so then it was on to Jacks Bay and hopefully a blowing blow hole, though given the low tide we weren’t too hopeful! It was quite an uphill trek to the blowhole that wasn’t blowing and uphill walks have been given their own catch cry .. uh ohhhhhhh, which basically means what goes down must come up ! From the blowhole it was back to owaka and then onto nugget point and kaka point and finally Dunedin.

By the time we reached Dunedin it was about 5pm and the temperature had dropped to a chilly 8 degrees so the weather man have earnt their money this week!

It also appears to be Guy Fawkes day/weekend here in NZ which means cracker are sounding as i write this and crackers aren’t illegal in NZ !!!!


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