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Invercargill to Owaka

Well we went to sleep with the sound of rain on the roof and woke to some clouds so took the opportunity to have a sleep in and a late start. Once up and on the road again we headed out to explore Invercargill and found the usual gardens churches and main streets. Its quite an old town and there are still are a large number of buildings not only standing from the late 1800s but in good condition and obviously well looked after.

We hit the pak n save and grabbed some bread, milk cheese and of course some sweet treats ! Then it was out to the beaches and The Bluff. Our adventures to find those lovely little nooks and crannies have lead to some well pretty pathetic finds really – like today driving down a bumpy gravel road to see …. the expanse of estuary that we could have seen from the old strand street wharf, but thats what you get sometimes and then other times you find little gems.

The Bluff is quite pretty and also quite well maintained. The lookout was amazing and some great frescos along the sea front always grab my attention and make me wonder why we don’t do them in Newy – they make old buildings and what could be crappy streets look so much better. It was well after lunch by now and we started the trek towards Dunedin with the realistic intention of hopefully getting Papatowai (?).

we followed dirt roads and sheep trails to some great little beach views and the southern most point of NZ, attempted to locate some seals and penguins to no avail and investigated some petrified trees which were pretty cool. As dusk was approaching and we were looking for a motorpark it seems that they had either closed and were non-existent, we eventually found a lovely little park behind the Owaka pub where the friendly nag came over to say hello upon our arrival.


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