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ChCh – Kiakoura

This morning we packed up and headed to the foyer to await the arrival of our door step delivery of our ‘home’ for the next 20 days. On time and all prepared the van was delivered and we were taken to the closest large supermarket, which was nice. After showing us all the ins and out of the vehicle it was time to go shopping!!! We hit the Pak ‘n’ Save (franklins meets bunnings) and attempted to not fill the trolley with rubbish whilst trying to remember that we had limited space. As it turns out we probably should have looked inside the fridge/freezer before we went shopping but at the end of the day we managed to squeeze it all in after all.
We packed our groceries into the space available and headed off toDSC_2459 edited-1 the Gondola just outside the city limits. The view was pretty good but it was quite hazy which was a shame. From the gondola we headed towards the coast to New Brighton toDSC_2495 edited-1 the pier which was like an oasis in the desert – desolate beaches and then there is this massive very long pier jutting out into the ocean. From here it was north to whale country – Kiakoura. The coastline coming into Kiakoura is very wild, rugged and beautiful – no wonder the train trip from ChCh to Picton is so popular – the trainline follows the coast very closely as you get closer to Kiakoura.
Our first night is at the Top 10 Kiakoura, situated a stone throw from the beach and along the train line (which isn’t overly busy or noisy) and the Whale Watch station. From the park you can see the towering and almost imposing snow capped Kiakoura Ranges, which given that you when you walk down to the beach and look slightly west you see the beach and snow capped mountains which i imagine is reasonably rare.
DSC_2528 edited-1We head down to the beach – which in NZ means pebbles and rocks – to see if there is going to be a sunset worth photographing. Unfortunately too much cloud and mist for any colour to be thrown on the mountains. The facilities at the park are really good very clean and spacious, though a little less busy then we had expected given that its a long weekend here.

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