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After waking up pretty much each hour from about 3am and trying to find the annoying hum in the room i eventually managed to get some sleep about 9am until tash woke me about 11am. We headed out to get to some cash, some brunch and see what there was to see in the big city of Christchurch.
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We headed to the bank and after a small glitch – read, ring Australia to get PIN number for travel card!!! And after the hail storm had passed the sun came out and we headed off to get a feed.
After some lunch we jumped the free city shuttle to get a feel for where things were and what we wanted to go see. We landed back at cathedral square and looked around the markets and then took a few snaps of the church and headed off to find the Avon River that winds it way around and through the city. Its really quite pretty with the little bridges crossing the sometimes quite small river almost Venice like on a smaller scale. We walked along the river and around the city, hunting out a place for dinner, we settled on a little Mexican place – which was really great.
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