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departure – Newcastle – Brisbane – Christchurch

A semi-early flight for us, particularly for me given that i had only flown in from Geneva yesterday morning about the same time Lesley was picking us to take us to the airport today. Didn’t get much sleep last night which wasn’t a surprise as i had to unpack, wash, re-pack my bag and even though it was holiday time the motivation factor really wasn’t there and i couldn’t get my head into gear to figure out what i actually needed.
So after a morning flight from Newcastle to Brisbane we headed down the road to DFO to kill quite a few hours before our flight to Christchurch. Given that we were using redemption points and we had changed the flight details to enable me to go to Geneva we had a round the ‘world’ trip – Newcastle to Brisbane on the way there  and Christchurch – Melbourne – Newcastle on the return trip.
We wandered around DFO looking at the things we would have liked to buy if we had the room and weren’t going to NZ first J ! i did however pick up a bargain pair of Oakley sunnies which i was stoked about as the current ones are about 8 yrs old and scratched to the max. After a bite to eat we headed back to the airport to check-in.
An easy check –in and customs/immigration which even included me not being tested and tagged for everything imaginable as usually happens – a first !!!
A bit more wandering of the shops – picked up a nice new hat – and then boarded our evening flight for Christchurch.
A very packed A320 awaited us and a nice easy flight arriving on time into Christchurch about 11pm.
We jumped a taxi and headed to our hotel in the city centre, interested to see just how much damage the recent earthquake had done to the city. Quite a few streets were blocked off and buildings were roped off. The most recent quake had done substantial more damage then the original ‘big’ one.
We checked in nice and late to our lovely Holiday Inn hotel room and prayed that i would be able to sleep!!!!

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