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March 15 (2009) – a sad farewell to Darwin

The first day of our journey home, bidding a sad farewell was harder then we had thought it would be. Even in our catbox we had grown quite attached to little big city – humidity and all. we loved the sunshine and the outdoors, the scenery is unbelievable and we had had the best of adventures and made some amazing friends and except for the high cost it was definitely a city we could see ourselves living.

we somehow managed to squeeze and push and shove all our stuff – camping gear included into Noddy for the long ride home and long day ahead – the long and straight road to Tennant Creek, a reasonably dull 10-11 hr journey

another road trip was beginning – this one a mammoth 2 month trip taking us through the center of the Australia, to South Australia, Victoria and back home to NSW.


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