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Jan 9 – Mindil Adventure

Kate has returned .. so we decided to celebrate with an Emma Adventure – yay come on guys they are fun. This one was exactly planned we all went for our afternoon walk together and ended up at Mindil beach the tide was out and i exclaimed – hey i reckon we could walk to Cullen bay over those rocks over there ! Kate was in, Tash was kinda in and Boss well she got out voted 🙂

So over the sand across the tide running out – well we thought it was and it looked like it was so it was alright – over to the rocks, which well more kinda like boulders with moss and water and were kinda a bit slippery .. so if u r wondering if we all made it without injury – yes we did Boss did good 🙂

So after what did seem like a very long time we made it to where the tree lined shear cliff turned into more boulders and started climbing where we reached a grass knoll – and no there was no book depository. So then we had to make a decision keep climbing around the boulders or go through the possibly snake (and G-d knows what else) infested grassy knoll – somehow or other the bloody grassy knoll won so we high-tailed and i mean high-tailed it through this grass we weren’t stopping for anything .. until the plovers came yes the plovers – they were literally dive bombing us – so we were really high tailing it now except now we laughing our heads off course Boss – well she doesn’t really do flying birds, actually she doesn’t really do birds in general – so she was kinda screaming kate and i were running like mad men and my little hero had for who knows what reason decided to try and swat them so is running behind us swatting the plovers with her hat – far too funny

So after all that adventure we decided the only safe thing to do was go straight home!


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