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Jan 3 and 4 – animals animals animals

the three amigos .. Kate was yet to return to the fold, so we three amigos headed to Aquascene – fish feeding – which is pretty cool the fish come into the ramp area on the lower tide and you get to throw the bread to them and also hand feed some of them.

After a strenuous morning of fish feeding we headed to the Deck Bar for some pub grub that was quite delicious

After lunch we headed out to Crocodyllus Park to get our fill of crocodiles – and there were some big momma’s there !!! Boss got to feed one – though made sure that i was not there with the camera and we all got to hold a little baby croc – they are soft and weird like a lizard not like a snake or rough like i had expected so a pretty cool day

Sunday we headed to the Territory Wildlife Park. A reasonable large area with a pretty good array of animals, nicely set out and it even has a little shuttle train/bus that takes you round the different animal areas if you arent up for walking – or in our case if it is raining.

It seems that the Wet has decided to come with full force since we have returned from holidays.


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