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Jan 10 and 11 – Katherine Gorge

So with weekends running out before the girls were leaving – just like Georgie – we headed to Katherine Gorge.

We stopped at Adelaide River War Memorial and Pine Creek before stopping at the Northern end of Nitmiluk NP – Edith Falls, which unfortunately due to the Wet was closed for walking and parts were cordoned off due to flooding. So we took a look around at what we could and and then headed on way to Katherine Gorge for lunch and a bit of a walk.

Saturday afternoon we talk the Baruwei Walk (via Lookout ) loop which took us up along the ridge over the visitors centre and then down along the gorge – an awesome sight on first glimpse

Dinner was supposed to be at the Sports club but that was closed we ended up at the Country Club – i still reckon the sporties was better the schnitzel was massive !!!

Sunday we were ready for our gorge boat trip. unfortunately – well kinda – we were only able to get into the first (of thirteen) gorges instead of possibly two or three (it all depends on the river level and what boats they are able to use) but instead we got to walk some parts of the first gorge and see some of the rock art, and then walk to the southern rockhole – through a number of streams that were refreshing fresh.

Then it was time – time for our helicopter ride over the 13 gorges !!!!! awesome love those birds. The view is amazing and the gorges are just spectacular. After that it was pretty hard to decide what to do – nothing was going to quite compare – aside from the fact that kate and nic were high as a kite from the buzz of a helio flight 🙂

After much debating we decided to walk the track towards the Southern Rockhole along the Windolf track – maybe not the best of ideas in the searing daylight sun. Nic was suffering from the heat which we managed to beat by lazing in the pools at the top of the rockhole, however Kate then decided to take a slip and smash her elbow which immediately blew up and we were all like oh no she has broken it, its broken so we walked out thinking of a hospital trip but luckily with a bit of ice from the esky and some trusty coke and lollies she started to perk up and the arm started to go down a little and throbbing stopped so there was no hospital visit just stern words to call us during the night if it got worse !!! (thankfully it didn’t and all was good there wasn’t even a good bruise for bragging rights !!)


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