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A return trip to Litchfield

We couldn’t leave without re-visiting Litchfield. So when the sun rose and the sky was blue weekend before last we headed straight to Litchfield with the first stop – Termite Mounds.

Driving into the park we were admiring the height of the Spear Grass without really thinking too much about it … then we arrive at the boardwalk … the boardwalk to view the magnetic termite mounds that look like a graveyard … only thing being the Spear Grass was like 12 feet tall and there was nothing to see … sucks to be those tourists turning up for the first time !!!

After the mounds we headed deep into the park to Wangi Falls where the water was thundering over the falls. So we took a walk around, up and over the falls which was great and had great views over the park.

From Wangi we went to Tolmer for another walk around the Falls and then onto Florence falls where we walked through the streams – ahhhh very relaxing – but again umm crocodiles people – nope they don’t seem too concerned at all


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