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A return trip to kakadu

we head back to Kakadu to see what the Wet has transformed. Our first stop Ubirr – our favourite from the last trip – but the wet strikes again the Magella River is flooded and the road is impassable. We stand at the edge of the river bewildered by not only the water that must be around for this crossing to be under water but also the local children swimming , right next to the Beware of Crocodile sign and the man with his son fishing in thigh deep water – we must be getting to old or just big sooks cause you wouldn’t catch us dead in that water, but then maybe local knowledge is gold !

From Ubirr we headed around to the Cooinda to the lodge we stayed at previously and then in search of a sunset. We found a bridge and set about getting some sunset shots all the while trying to fathom the water we were starring at – last visit these rivers had been barely been mud puddles now the water is about half a metre below the bridge, even seeing it we cant get our heads around it – its a volume that the brain cannot compute

The next morning we headed out to Yellow Water for another cruise and again the water just spread for as far as the eye could see, the banks and tree trunks that were vi sable last trip our now one to two meters below water – only two crocodile spottings on this trip and no brolga’s or jabiru’s – which mate for life did you know ! 🙂

this billabong is beautiful and i am not sure that there would be anytime of year that wouldn’t be magnificent but we both agree somehow the timing for our first trip was just perfect – the water was up so the birds were flocking the crocs were breeding and the river was just beautiful. This trip the water so high the birds were pushed further inland the crocs had no banks to laze about on.

After the cruise we headed to Nourlangie rock stopping just before it at Nourlanga rock – for a short but steep walk with a rewarding view of Nourlangie rock and the wetlands spread out in front of us.

We then slowly headed out of the park taking in all the sights including the rising water levels of the South Alligator River before leaving the Park for the last time and making our way back to Darwin


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