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Kakadu – part 2

Sunday we woke up with a start, quite literally. I thought that i had set the alarm on the phone, apparently you need to set either AM or PM !!! So at 7.50am we literally jumped out of bed ran around like chickens without heads and still managed to be on time at the car at 8am to meet the girls. After loading the car we headed to the bus taking us to Yellow Waters Cruises.

Yellow water, a land-locked billabong brimming with native flora and fauna, is one of World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park’s best known landmarks and gets its name from the algal bloom found floating on its surface.. Yellow Water is home to crocodiles, wild horses, buffalo and other wildlife. The billabong, which floods to join other waterways during the tropical season, also attracts millions of migratory birds each year, including jacana, egrets, jabiru, sea eagles, magpie geese and many other native species. Paperbark forests, pandanus and fresh water mangroves line the shore, and the water is dotted with beautiful pink and white waterlilies

We sat in the steaming drilling sun on the boat for about 20 mins waiting for some tosser guys to join the boat, and then we were on our way. The scenery was amazing, a few crocs and heaps of bird life and did you know that Brolga’s and Jabiru’s mate for life – so very sweet !!!!

So after a lovely cruise and learning alot about the local area and birdlife – did i mention that brolga’s and jabiru’s mate for life – No, well they do.

From the cruise we had a lovely morning tea then headed up the road to the cultural centre and then to Mirrai Lookout where we embarked on an adventure walk to the top of the lookout – aw come on girls it was great, just cause it was steep, stinking hot and a crap view, doesn’t mean it was great !!! i do have great ideas don’t I !!!

After the walk we headed towards the south exit to Pine creek stopping at the south entrance visitor stop for lunch, yeah okay maybe it was more like linner (a cross between lunch and dinner) ! Then up the highway to home with a carload of exhausted and stinky but very happy girls 🙂


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