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Georgie's last supper .. or maybe last suppers !!

Well talk about the last supper to usurp all last dinners ! Its actually hard to know whether Saturday’s rib dinner was the first of the last suppers or just a supper. If it was then following ribs was malay/thai/indian at Nirvana, which was just lovely, again leaving us feeling very ill, and laughing all the way home due to once again monsoon rain wetting us and allowing us to puddle stomp and “Darwin run” – barefoot with shoes in hand – all the way home 🙂

Following that supper was almost Spanish on Wednesday, except for a stomach saving grace offer from georgies work mates.

Thursday nite was Mexican at Prickles where yes once again we managed to stuff ourselves to over flowing with mouth watering food.

But in the end even a cyclone couldn’t keep Georgie from leaving us. We had a great time and can you believe that she was only here for 4 weeks. Was awesome meeting ya georgie love your laughter, smile and even your singing 🙂 take care xxx (and say hi to husband for us!)


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