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A day at the Springs

Today we headed off with Kate and Nicole (from work) to Berry Springs about 60km south of Darwin for a swim in the pools.

Berry Creek begins as a series of springs, forms a small creek, then reaches Darwin Harbour through a mangrove lined estuary. There are three main pools along a length of the creek, beginning with a small waterfall and shallow pools running into larger, deeper pools and finishing with a small weir. During World War II, Berry Springs was part of a rest and recreation camp set up by the armed forces for the 100,000 personnel based in the area. A number of huts and weirs were built at Berry Springs during this time.

We arrived early to avoid the crowds and little people – hopefully, which we did. Even though it was overcast it was still quite humid and about 30 degrees.

We had a swim in each of the pools which we were not hot but not really cool either but still very refreshing and relaxing. We had a nice little picnic before heading back to the city just after lunch – the crowds had arrived and we were all ready for an afternoon nap 🙂


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