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First week down

Well we we have been here 5 days now (well technically 4 and a bit but everyone knows my maths suxs). I have started work, been on a road trip with work and Tash has found work so its been a pretty productive week.

Wednesday i had a nice easy day at the office, a couple of customers, couple of intrays and getting to know Kate and Nicole a little better. They are really easy going and quite funny so i think it should be a fun few months – which is good. Tash had a few responses to the emails we had sent on Tuesday and even had an interview. We had lunch together which is quite a novelty for us and rather nice. We decided to hit the pavement when i got from work and headed towards the harbour to the esplanade and along the parks and walking trails/tracks. Its a really nice walk along the water through the park, and is obviously very popular with a few lunatics running but most of walking and yes for those wondering (and who know me pretty well) i had my own little natural springs happening – not really that pleasant and not a good sign seeing how it really wasn’t that not.

Thursday saw me back in the office with a few intrays and preparing for our road trip to Palmerston today (Friday). 26 interviews booked, 14 for me – its going to be a busy day, if they turn up that is. Tash had three interviews and was going blind with paperwork but had pretty much lined up a job with possibly two to choose from. We had lunch together (again) at a lovely little Vietnamese Cafe. We hit the pavement again this time walking to Stokes Wharf, which is an old/current wharf – its still a working wharf but the older sheds have been turned into a little food arcade with ocean views and some of the best storm viewing possies in the city. A storm was brewing so we set off not knowing if we were going to be drowned or not. Its hard to know if the storms are actually going to turn into something here or just make a bit of noise and then fizzle. This one spitted, cracked alittle and then fizzled so we got home wet but not from the rain and having made a mental note of some spots to return at a later stage with the camera for some storm watching.

Friday i headed off with Kate and Nicole to Palmerston for a reasonably busy day, out of 26 we had 8 no-shows which is a pretty good hit-rate i think. Tash spent the day relaxing (sleeping and watching cricket) and got the good news phone call that she starts work on Monday, 5 days a week 40 hrs for possibly the full 3 months – so that’s GREAT news.

Tomorrow we are heading off to Berry Springs with Kate and Nicole about 60km south of Darwin, to take a dip in the springs and hopefully catch a few good pics along the way and there, so it should be a good day.


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