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The Final Stage – to Darwin

Well, we got off to an early start again, as we have a big day ahead of us, nearly 1000kms!

we started the day off with some hearty bacon and eggs sandwiches – and i say eggs because i swear these sandwiches had 3 eggs and 6/7 rashes of bacon, i really didn’t think it was possible to fit that much on one sandwich, so needless to say we hit the road with extremely full bellies.

The trip was pretty uneventful, the scenery changed alittle in that the grasses became green not yellow, the trees were more plentiful and we could start to see out in the distant the flat wide expanse of Arnhem Land spreading out to the horizon. We passed through a few smouldering areas that had been burnt over what we imagine is the past few days, which timing wise for us is very lucky.

We had a welcome shower on the outskirts of Darwin and arrived at the hotel in the afternoon.

The hotel is good, a little weird but okay, the floor is all tiles and the bedroom/bathroom – literally there is no wall separating the bedroom from bathroom – is separated from the lounge room by a 3/4 wall to allow the AC to flow over the top into the lounge area 🙂 .. i guess its smart use of the space and AC but alittle strange. We are on the second floor with a little balcony – not much of a view, a carpark – but the lounge window faces the west and we are reasonably close to the water so the sunsets are amazing.

After lugging our gear from the car – thank g_d for the lift – and much sweating (its pretty gross!) we had our little apartment looking a little like a home – a mess !

Leaving the boxes and bags we headed into town to get some food and checkout exactly where we were. Turns out we are on one of the three main streets (to one end) and within walking distance to the office, woolies, coles, main eating strip and also the esplanade – so all good.

We had a lovely dinner at a Thai place and were sitting there thinking goodness for a Monday night and 8/9pm that it was rather busy …. well there is a funny story behind that one … see we have been moving through timezones and battling with daylight savings and the lack thereof in QLD. So as it happens by the time we got to Tennant Creek we really weren’t sure what time it was, but to our luck the phones (all but mine of course 🙂 auto updated so all was good … well sort of turns out that the phones had updated to SA time and not NT because NT does not have daylight savings, so here we are thinking we are like half an hour behind NSW when in fact we are an hour and half. so what did this mean, well the poor bugger at Tennant creek reception had an exceptionally early morning (which possibly explains why it wasn’t open when we were trying to hand the keys back), it might also explain why it was kinda darkish when we woke up and why it appeared so “busy” in town – it was actually only about 7pm. In the end we actually had to call reception and ask what time it was !!! and then check the receipts from the day and confirmed yep we are morons !!!! yep cracked us up too.

For more pics of the apartment:


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