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A free day in Darwin

Today we woke early – through no choice of our own – seems that the early starts have effected our ability to sleep in 🙁 .. though possibly the fact that our bedroom window faces due east and the curtains not being all that thick may have also have something to do with it!

We wandered up the street to find the office and i met Kate – who is also on temp transfer and staying in the same block.

We then headed to Woolworths where we single handily improved their profit line – lets say that it was a significant figure. So we then lugged them upstairs – i am starting to think that being on the second floor is not so great.

We then wandered back into town to grab some lunch and have a look around.

We spent the afternoon signing Tash up to recruitment agencies and battling with the stupid Optus pre-paid broadband – that is slower then dialup grrrrrrrrrrr.


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