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Stage One of tour de Darwin – Roma

Well our day started early (ok early for me) with breaky with a thick fog, possibly an ominous sign – i hope not and watching the ferals – yes Kaz and Iss that’s you !!!! go a little troppo before us beautiful people were on our way … well ok we were really laughing at Iss and Kaz cause the kids were being funny just for us – Jas and Rosie you crack us up !

So after a few technical problems – stupid GPS and phone – just as well we had that map hey dad !!! we were on our way. Our day took us through Murrurundi, Bogabri (go Shanno), Narrabri – the cotton growing centre and the regions biggest cash crop, Gunnedah and Moree, a larger town on the Gwydir river which has therapeutic artesian spa baths, although we were struggling to see a motel that was actually operating that was advertising these therapeutic baths – where we replenished all our tanks. For those who like facts and figures one standard bale of cotton ( approx 225kg) can be made into 3085 nappies

After taking our free harbour tour at the maritime festival and learning that there was zero wheat exported from Newcastle last year – which doesn’t mean that there wasn’t any export at all but i guess its an indication of just how hard the farmers have been doing it, It was really nice to see good wheat crops growing for as far as the eye can see and even better to see harvesters working and a hive of activity at the silos – fingers crossed for a good harvest.

From the wheat belt we then headed onto the border town of Mugindi – which i might add has no border sign, ordinary effort cockroaches, how else are those tourists going to get cheesy holiday snaps??? From here it was red dust and road trains through to St George, and on to Surat with a roadside pitt stop required, then an early evening arrival into Roma (well QLD time anyway)

We took a tour of the town of Roma, an early Queensland settlement, and now the centre of a sheep and cattle-raising district. There is also enough oil in the area to support a small refinery, but the gas deposits are larger and it contributes to Brisbane’s major supply through a 450km pipeline. So driving around town means we drove around the 4 blocks found 4 pubs (even an Irish one) and got some dinner then headed to the hotel for some relaxation.


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