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Stage 4 – Tennant Creek

We headed off today not so early as it wasn’t too long a trip from Mt Isa to Tennant Creek. We went to the town lookout to check out the view. A mine on the other side of the river, and the endless plains that we had come through yesterday and an insight into the endless plains we were going to be following today.

We then hit the highway with Jessica advising us 630km to the next turn !!

So as you can guess the scenery and animals were pretty much the same as what it has been. We did the border crossing sign pictures got ripped off major at Barkly Homestead fuel stop – fuel $1.99 when in Mt Isa it had been $1.37 and in Tennant its $1.53 .. hmmmmm

Temperature looked like it was going to be a hot one first up as it reached 30 deg by 9am but again some lovely cloud cover kept it below 40 and as we were in the final stretch to Tennant we even had 8 drops of rain. The clouds are still gathering and the breeze has picked up so its actually quite balmy outside

We arrived in Tennant a bit before dinner so we checked out the local lookouts, cruised the main street and headed to hotel to rest. Tennant Creek is the only sizeable town on the Stuart Hwy between Alice and Darwin and is also Australia’s last gold-rush town. Unusually, most of the gold deposits weren’t found in quartz but in jet-black ironstone

Being Sunday there wasn’t alot open for dinner and when the receptionist advises not to eat at places you know to take heed, so it was red rooter ah i mean rooster for us. Tomorrow is the long day into Darwin and the final leg of this road trip … for now

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