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get this started huh

well, i set this blog up quite some time ago and frankly forgot all about it ! then i think something called facebook came along and i seem to have had my attention diverted. but now there are adventures on the horizon and i am going to try and get back to blogging. i really did quite enjoy it whilst we were travelling o/s.

what adventure you ask … well for some reason i have decided to take a temporary transfer with my work to Darwin for approx 3 months.

i guess those that followed our RTW blog (if you havent seen or want to re-live our adventures here is the link: probably wondering if (and maybe even why i stopped) i will ever finish it .. well i have returned to the blog and have added some pics to what is already there, and thinking about this blog made me realise i cant really leave the other one as it is .. so yes i will be finishing it but it may take some time, obviously almost 2 years have past since i stopped writing and there are probably many reasons for that, which i imagine i will delve into when i return to writing.

so stay with us whilst we write our current adventures (and hopefully not too many misadventures) as well as finishing some uncompleted works

Emm & Tash.


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