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2 Nov – Nice + Cannes

We had a bit of a sleep in then went to the post office to send some souvenirs, gifts and crap home. We grabbed a baguette and sat by the Mediterranean and ate lunch.

We then headed to the train station and jumped aboard a train headed for Cannes, famous for its cultural activities and many festivals.

Once in Cannes we headed for the Croisette (esplanade) and wandered along it, past all the big name hotels and yuppie yappy ‘Paris Hilton’ pooches, around to the Vieux Port (marina) where many yachts/cruiser’s worth a small penny or two were moored.

We wandered through the old streets past the market and 5th Ave. shops co-existing peacefully side-by-side.

We headed back to Nice to make some reservations for our train trip tomorrow, with a plan to then head to Monaco. That plan however was squashed when the reservation lady advised there were no more French tickets available so we would need to go to Italy to book. So we jumped on a train and headed for Italy (a 20-40 minute trip) and made our reservations there. How wacky and wonderful is it to be in a place where you can just hop over to another country to buy a train ticket and think absolutely nothing of it!

By this time the rain had appeared the sun had disappeared and we had run out of time to go to Monaco 🙁 .. We had however seen it numerous times from the train.

We arrived back in nice grabbed dinner and packed ready for another days train trip.


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